Celebrity Status: Role Model?

August 14, 2012
By Anna Hairston BRONZE, Harrisonburg, Virginia
Anna Hairston BRONZE, Harrisonburg, Virginia
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At the age of ten, I fell in love with magazines. Not book boring Times or Newsweek, but the animated teen heartthrob,fashion-queen advice kind of magazines. From page to page, formats are filled with non-stop info and continuously bubbling gossip of the stars of the century, or even week. I felt my money was well spent. Reading into the personal lives of the Hollywood high-life seemed enthralling, especially as an adolescent in an ever so changing world.

As a celebrity, your every move is micro scoped and emphasized. Why is this? Because they are the role model of millions, and we look up to them. Personally, I believe young people idolize celebrities, professional athletes, actors, and musicians way beyond necessary means. They are human beings just as all of us.

In this era, if you’re famous, you’re the fizz in the soda. Without it, life would not be the same. The sparks in the lives of celebrities generate the drive of society. Some could say this is a bad thing. Such as, excessively focusing on the lionized while there are bigger issues in the world. Although, some might say this is reality and that it has always been this way.

If I were to choose between the types of celebrities that would most likely be suit as good role models, I would choose the professional athletes and actors. Actors are everywhere we go this day in age because of the mass use of technology and cinema. We are constantly being influenced by what we watch or hear. The influence is much greater to the younger generation. Actors may have to act a certain way on camera, but may act a completely different way off-camera. They could be playing a reckless, rebellious, no-good teenager in a hit new TV show but in real life they may be as kind and friendly as the season of Spring.

So really, it depends on who the actor is and if they have a good moral character. We don’t know who they really are aside from the screen. Therefore, that unknown gives the media an all access pass of judgment and scrutiny. As for athletes, the stakes of being obedient are pretty high. Of all the famous athletes I’ve heard of, there are few that might be labeled as a bad influence. One reason for this is because they have to practice their sport on a daily basis to get as far as they have, which requires discipline. They have been shaped and trained to follow a path of obedience. But that’s not the path every athlete decides to go on about. If you hear or read about a famous athlete that has made a poor choice in life, whether they find themselves stumbling off that path or destroying it, you’ll probably jump to judge them. So in conclusion, celebrities can be good or bad role models. The media has affected our ability to really see the nitty gritty truth of everything that really happens and how we should react. Honestly, we shouldn’t let that happen. Everybody judges because it’s our nature as humans.

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