Lady Gaga / The Born This Way Ball

July 23, 2012
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"i want you to let go of all your insecurities, and all of your anxieties of who you are. i want you to reject anyone or anything who made you feel like you didnt belong, or you dont fit in, or you were not good enough, that you cant sing well enough, or you arent thin enough or pretty enough, or you cant dance well enough, you remember you are a superstar and you were born that way!!!!!" ever since lady gaga said that during her monster ball tour, it has flooded youtube as the most inspiring quote by lady gaga. some people might call her a freak or a weirdo, but do they really know who she is or what she has done for not only the music industry but for our generation??!! she is inspiring nations and has might i put in the most followers on twitter. she has helped so many people find who they are and taught them that it is ok, that there is no reason to be afraid. i think that lady gaga does what she does that people may consider to be weird because she is showing people that she is not afraid to be who she is even if it is different. she has helped so much and she will never stop. the monster ball was great, amazing and fun!!! but now comes the born this way ball, where it is nothing else but being who you are and not being afraid to be it. but to be comfortable. the born this way ball is not only for the entertainment but to lose yourself in the fun of being you. at the end of the monster ball, she says " dont leave here loving me but loving yourselves" i can see that with all the other celebrities, how hard is it to find someone who really cares about their fans; this show is for the fans and not just the money!!! lady gaga loves her fans she calls little monsters, she is there to teach freedome and security, to all parts of the world, and she says now that she is here now invading earth and taking over the governments, to start a new world of security and non bullying. for being who you are, why is that wrong. you should never be harmed for who you are in any way shape or form. lady gaga knows how hard the world is now, why should she be looked at differently for making it better. and helping the generation that needs it most. the born this way ball, is for her little monsters, to help those who are still afraid, to let them know that its ok, because you can be bullied and bullied but that will never change who we are inside. lady gaga is on a mission for freedom and equality as well as security. she will never stop, till its done. " im beautiful in my way cause god makes no mistakes im on the right track baby i was born this way!"

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