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May 2, 2012
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After examining the lifestyles of people that many look upon, I understood what I must infer about them. They said that it would be just any other opinion, comment, or rant that would be embedded into the quilt of undesirable claims. Alright. I have a few words that I been waiting to say as advice for the famous in society; for it is a privilege to be considered so highly and greatly looked upon. First, then. I will say to all you out there, who have earned this great comfort, and I say it entreatingly, pleadingly...

Realize how lucky you are to be in the position you are in. This is the most important advice of all because it is the basis of all the others. If you understand the world around you and all its faults, it will allow for a more comfortable, greatly appreciated lifestyle, that can be well respected.

Always think before you act, only if you are not under the influence of something. This is very important because you are a model for the people who follow you. Do not do something that you will later regret. Chances are, your most charitable followers will then have a tough time trying to defend you. However, these acts will never vanish. They will be written in the indestructible, unforgettable, People Magazine. So yes, avoid making foolish mistakes, as they will be tattooed on your body for longer than you live.
Don’t adopt a bad habit, such as drugs, alcohol, or blaming other for your own faults. This will ultimately lead to your downfall, your death. Some say that “you only live once,” and that it would be foolish not to go out and party until you puke every night. Well, unless you are a rapper who gains their fame from their extreme acts, then this will not work for you. Many of the most renowned celebrities in the world are attributed on their well mannered, seemingly flawless lifestyles.

Now as to the issue of disrespecting fellow celebrities. You want to be very cautious when criticizing someone of your own rank; otherwise you are guaranteed to get pushed right back with the whole world watching. Many celebrities injure themselves permanently through a ill-thought decision of disrespecting one of their own. This is the result of a low self-esteem due to all the pressures put on them. Some say that famous people feel, that in order to be the best they can be, they must take down the ones standing alongside them. This is not always true in this aspect; I do believe, and I understand that through hard work, you can surpass your competitor with no damage done to your ego. As a final word on this subject: do not learn from making this mistake, but rather realize that the same result occurs every time there is a situation such as the one explained.

Stay true to who you are. A countless amount of outside influences will surround you daily. When you lose touch with your conscience and forget your identity, bad things will happen! Only a few days ago, Lindsey Lohan made a hugely important comeback in her career, after losing her well known responsible, and productive lifestyle as an actress. She became caught up in the irresponsible lifestyle, taken by many others who feel indestructible, and was
troubled severely. Even though this only represents one case, this is a well known mistake made by many of the worlds most prestigious. However, some may not been injured from following this irresponsible lifestyle. But, on the other hand, something detrimental is bound to happen. It may have just not occurred yet.

There are many different types of people in the world; but good ones are the sort for the famous to befriend. They will allow you to continue to be successful, and improve in every way possible because that is what they want for you. Therefore, be careful when surrounding yourselves with people; be very careful; allow yourselves to judge which people will assist you in positively progressing through life.

But I have seen enough. I hope that you will take the directives I have given you, and make them a guide for the rest of your wealthy lifestyle. Create a lifestyle based on these percepts, as they will never let you down while in your current state of success, and later after you feel that you have achieved it, you will be astonished and delighted to see how it is much alike to all the other’s.

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Realjay41This teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
Sep. 25 at 8:39 pm
I don't think my favorite celebrities will do any of those things. If they did, they wouldn't be my favorite celebrities. Dylan O'Brien looked so happy to be with his friends, J.Law seemed to enjoy surfing, Logan Lerman seemed a lot happier to be with Josh Huctherson, Shailene Woodly seemed to be happy to be with Theo James. They also love to hangout with not only friends from other movies; but, fellow cast members. So, I think my favorite celebrities are better off chosing frien... (more »)
Aspiringauhor said...
Jun. 19, 2012 at 6:05 pm
I'm not a celebrity, but I loved this piece. And I definitely think that everything you said is completely true and should be listened to.
Aspiringauhor said...
Jun. 19, 2012 at 6:05 pm
I'm not a celebrity, but I loved this piece. And I definitely think that everything you said is completely true and should be listened to.
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