Reality TV Shows

April 16, 2012
By Anonymous

So, the night I was flipping through the channels on the TV, just like any other normal person after a long eventless day, and as I kept going there were a series of reality TV shows on. When most people hear the words “reality TV show”, they think of little teenage girls or lots of crying over a boyfriend who hooked up with another chick at a club.
But the TV shows that were on that night weren’t about screaming girls or little kids who are too fat. The shows were about grown men, that are….mature… Now, there are a few things wrong with this.
No one would ever expect men to have their own reality TV show because they hate it when their girlfriends watch it
I never knew men could cause so much drama for it to become a TV show
Is this really a reality TV or do they script all of it?!
I clicked on one of the many “reality” TV shows. It was about men who worked by mining gold and what it involves. Before I knew it the commercials went on. Right in a row there were three commercials about three more shows that were exactly like the one that I had been watching. I mean really, is there a true necessity to having four shows that involve the exact same things? When I had enough of the bald headed beefcakes I changed the channel. Low and behold, there was a show on about gold this time.
The commercial went on.
They advertised more “reality” TV shows.
There were three more shows that were about gold.
There was Gold Times, Gold Pickin’, and even Gold Rush. How original!
I swear, the broadcasters don’t even need to think up another name when they go to make the fourth or fifth show…. I guess that Americans have just lost their level of entertainment. They’ve all become immune to what is supposed to keep up entertained.

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