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April 16, 2012
By j.s.tucker GOLD, Eden, North Carolina
j.s.tucker GOLD, Eden, North Carolina
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I feel as though I am being personally attacked by the media. Every time I flip through a magazine I rarely see anyone my size or skin color. Although there is starting to be a noticeable change in representing African Americans in commercials, ad campaigns, and magazines, there still seems to be a prejudice against larger women and girls. Now, I know that I am not as big as I sometimes feel. Many would say that I’m not fat but not skinny either. Well, that’s what normal people would say. The media, on the other hand, would say that I was fat. No, they are not out right calling me by name and telling me that I am fat but I still take these ads personally. When I see pictures of size zero models in bikinis and insanely small, and expensive clothing I take it personally. I used to sometimes be able to look at singers and sometimes even actresses to see someone who looked remotely like me but that is becoming rare. I get sick and tired of all these people on the weight watchers and nutrisystem commercials holding up blown up pictures of their former selves and talking about all the things they can do now that they’ve lost weight.

And I think to myself, “Why didn’t you do those things when you were a little heavier?” You’re telling me that if I eat those microwavable meals I’ll lose thirty pounds and all of a sudden become a bikini model? That doesn’t sit well with me. Just like the commercials advertising “rock hard abs” or “toned and lifted buns” that feature thin women in sports bras and spandex shorts doing squats and crunches. I take it personally and you should to. You should take it personally because they are trying to tell us that we can only be beautiful and happy if we look a certain way. They’re telling us that if we can just loose ten pounds our whole lives will change.

Well they are wrong. It’s been said time and again that the average size of an American is only getting larger. Yes, if your weight is affecting your health you should loose some. But if you feel the need to loose weight because you think that it’s the only way to be beautiful then stop and exam what’s really going on and that goes for males to. There are whole magazines devoted to trying to get males rock hard abs so they can pick up women as if saying to you that if you aren’t ripped then women won’t find you attractive.

So don’t buy it. Don’t feed into the lies that they are telling us. Don’t buy that make up, don’t buy the men’s health magazines, don’t by the hip hop abs and whatever else it is their trying to sale you. Before you go on that expensive diet plan, before you spend more money on a new foundation think about those ads and take it personal

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