Chester Bennington

March 1, 2012
By Anonymous

Chester Bennington is a great role model for everyone because he became a success. His childhood dream became real when he tried hard and made it happen. The performances he did were spectacular in more ways than one. His creativity showed greatly through Linkin Park’s songs. I believe he was successful and famous because of the effort he put into creating a stupendous band out of and already great band.?
Bennington’s dream to become a rock star came true. When he was fifteen, he was the lead vocalist of a group called Shaun Dowdell and Friends. He later joined a band called Grey Daze. Then he moved to Los Angeles to be conjoined with the band Hybrid Theory, in which he later changed the name to Linkin Park.  I believe that he worked very hard to achieve his goal.
Because he performed in many concerts, I believe Bennington was hard-working. While writing songs with Linkin Park, he also played in other bands on the side. They included: Dead by Sunrise and cover band, Bucket of Weenies. He was an excellent performer and did very well at his shows. I think he put much time and effort into his work, and the result was astounding.
Bennington was quite creative. He helped write songs for Linkin Park, which I thought were great. He also helped write songs for his on-the-side bands. He had his own clothing line called Replicant and was part owner of a tattoo shop called Club Tattoo. I think he was inspiring to younger people because of his originality and many accomplishments.
Bennington was a great example of someone who worked long and hard to become prosperous. He should be greatly appreciated by young vocalists who have a dream of becoming a star. He worked long and hard, and had much to show for it. He has shown great creativity through the songs he helped write for Linkin Park, and sold many records by performing numerous live concerts. From joining a band to changing their name and helping to write their songs, he came a long way to become who he was.

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