Actor Obsessions

March 1, 2012
By TrishaB SILVER, Bellingham, Massachusetts
TrishaB SILVER, Bellingham, Massachusetts
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The screaming, the crying, the fainting, the swooning, the giggling and giddiness. These are only some of the reactions of a person in the presence of a “celebrity”. But what exactly is a celebrity? By definition a celebrity is a famous or well-known person. But, really, in our modern world we know that a celebrity is much more than that. Celebrities in the 21st century cause unbelievable hypes, ridiculous phenomenons and crazy obsessions. If you stop and think for just a second, why exactly are you and all your friends putting up pictures of superstars on your bulletin board or screaming every time you see them on television? Has that “celebrity” ever talked to you and made you feel special? Do they have pictures of you on their bulletin boards? Wait a minute; do they even know who you are? No.

Actors in particular- there is a reason why that’s what they’re called. They act. When a movie is being watched, the audience doesn’t see the actor’s characteristics and personality, they see that actor playing the part of someone they are paid to be. Fans fall in love with the characters these actors and actresses portray, not the actor or actress themselves. And making that differentiation is so crucial. Fans know nothing regarding what these people are actually like. They only know about the characters they are told to be. Sure, these people have talent. But even more surely there are people out there that have even more talent. It’s important to understand that celebrities, actors in particular, are normal people who had an interest in acting and got lucky. The acting business is all about luck and a couple of the right phone calls. Out of over a million striving actors only about 15 make it big.

However it is hard to veer away from this hype because America is known for making a big deal out of Hollywood. The glitz and glamour of it makes it so coveted. But Hollywood is clichéd and overrated. Is it really that important that Reese Witherspoon wore a black jacket today instead of a brown jacket? Will knowing this information change our lives? Instead of focusing on the actual acting abilities of actors, America tends to focus on the fashion, the scandals and the unnecessary day-to-day tidbits on the actor’s life.
It’s certainly not that these actors don’t have talent, it’s the fact that we care so much about where their luck and talent has brought them, we forget what we can do with our own talents. Actors and actresses are in the world to bring us entertainment, not to become obsessions. It is important to understand that actors are ordinary people.
Actors and actresses have influenced people from the day television came out. Teenagers look up to these people and copy their every move- from the way they dress to the way they talk. This is why the topic of Hollywood obsessions is crucial. People will always have the right to look up to actors and actresses but it is important to do so in consideration, not as an obsession. It is crazy to devote all of your life to someone who doesn’t even know you exist. Most likely, the person will end up discouraged, realizing that they will never even meet their idol.
It is important to keep yourself from falling into the world of Hollywood obsessions, otherwise one day you may be the one crying, screaming, fainting, swooning and giggling.

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