Halo is More Competative

January 12, 2012
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Nearly everyone is aware of video games. That same nearly everyone is also aware of video game competitions. However, of the more renowned video games available, Halo is a more competitive game.

Halo involves skill more than tactic. Everyone has little difference at the start of a game. Sometimes, no differences at all. No matter how far you progress in level, you still start as strong as everyone else. Some other games cannot say this.

Also in Halo, the only trick to winning is to hit but not be hit. This is a rule that has a more basic form in Halo rather than other games. There isn’t a way to hide behind cover, so you must flee or fight. Most players haven’t mastered fleeing however.

In Call of Duty, one player can have the most powerful gun in the game at start, while another has the weakest. That is a great disadvantage, and a reason I particularly dislike Call of Duty. Also, Call of Duty has “perks” that can be upgraded, furthering the disadvantage to those who don’t have them. There isn’t a way to set yourself up to victory in Halo.

In Halo, as said before, everyone starts off basically the same. Every gun you can have, someone else can get. Every ability you have someone else can get. This makes the game fairer while also making it based on skill. Hitting your opponent is everything. However, if your aim is bad, you will die.

Knowing the map is also an important game element, slightly more important in Halo. Halo has weapons scattered throughout the map. This makes everything powerful more available, leaving a chance for those less skilled to have these weapons. Call of Duty doesn’t have this feature but does have places where you could gain an advantage and hiding spots. Halo doesn’t have these hiding spots.

Also in Halo, teamwork may be your only way to win. To work with people you don’t know can be challenging. In Call of Duty, people gain fifty kills without dying if they work out a system. This is near impossible in Halo unless you are just that good. Anyone can achieve the fifty kills in Call of Duty.

I hoped I proved something about Halo. While Call of Duty can be fun, it is less competitive than Halo. Mostly the competition is what makes me want to play a game. The main thing is to have fun, but if you’re not, put down the controller and do something else.

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