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November 29, 2011
By NHTKquicklook BRONZE, Evaston, Wyoming
NHTKquicklook BRONZE, Evaston, Wyoming
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Parents! Your child may be at risk for weight gain, failure at school and addiction! Think! Is this what you want for your child? The person you expect so much of? Who may become a profressional athlete or a doctor. Well what I said before will happened if you don’t stop their adiction for video games. Patents need to limit the time teens spend plaing video games.

Kids who play video games all day get bad grades. The reason why kids get bad grades is because all they do when they get home they play the video game.instead of doing their home work. They try to do homework in a panick during home room and make it slopy. I know from experience, I used to play video games every day. My highest grade was a c-. When parents limited my time of playing video games my lowest grade was a B-.

Kids who play video games all day get more voilent. The reason for that is because there are a bunch of violent video games now. “The more time exposed to violent video games the more violent they become” says the preteen club.Imust admit that playing video games is fun thing to do but you don’t need to play it all day long. In addition kids will snap at their parents for no reason because of playing video games all day. That is not away to live.

Also kids who play video games all day have trouble focusing in school. The reason for that is because all they do is day dream about the video game and when the teacher calls on them they snap and yell at the teacher for nothing. Then they get in trouble. For example they day dream the miss the home work instructions and don’t do the home work.

Kids or even grown ups who play video games all day they don’t spend any time with their family. They don’t join in in any of the family games and discusions. They don’t care about it. “When a family member ask if they want to come and spend time with them they snap”says apa. Now that would make me feel confused and sad because you feel like you said somthing wrong. That is bad.

Well Parents what do you think? Did I persuade you? If I did then listen to what to do. Lets limit yhe time teens spend playing vidoe games.

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