Mario: Subtle Communist Campaign?

December 15, 2011
By CaptainButtFox BRONZE, Elmwood Park, Illinois
CaptainButtFox BRONZE, Elmwood Park, Illinois
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We All Know who Mario is. He is videogame icon. His games have sold hundreds of millions of copies. There is no doubt that he is the most iconic videogame character ever. Although it may seem that with all modern videogames such as Skyrim,Battlefield 3,and Modern Warfare 3 that the simpler days of 2D platformers are long gone when in reality Super Mario Bros. was realesed only 26 years ago. But, did this game have malious intentions upon the 80's youth? Was this game actually a subtle boost of Communist theories? Through out this article I will give examples of ways that Mario could a be a communist campaign.

Now in the original Super Mario Bros.there was a lot of red. Red is commonly regarded as the color of communism. But, of course It would be red it is a naturally appealing color is what you are probably saying to yourself right now. But when he grabs the flame flower his hair,boots,and shirt turn red. This is obviously red of communism.

The second piece of evidence is the surrounding characters. The goombas and koopas are portrayed as beast who are only built to do one thing showing loyalty. Toad is attached to one phrase sybolizing a resist to protests. Therfore Mario would be the leader of a new rebellion but also showing how expendable lives have become to him in his revolution.

The third point is Mario overthrowing a monarchy along with saving the princess. King Koopa or Bowser is still the king. This could be a reference to the russian revolution when a royal family was slaughtered by communist.

The forth piece of evidence is Mario's flag switching. Any who has played a Mario game knows that when you beat a level you lower the current flag and raise a new one. The original flag is in the shape of mushroom but do to it's outline looks like a peace symbol. When Mario comes he lowers the flag and presumably burns and stomps on it. Then raises his own which is the star that looks dangerously like the star upon the flags of the Soviet Union and China.

Another thing is Yoshi. Why is Yoshi green? Green usually represents nature but in America represents money. Now when a large gap is encountered Mario has to leap off Yoshi,his faithful companion,to get across. This could have been added for American audiences to show how we would need to abandon our slavery to the dollar and start a new.

In the later games there is a character named Wario who is basically the opposite Mario. Wario seems to be a portly fellow more so than Mario with a larger nose than Mario. This could represent Americans and Jews in their love for money.

Mario became succesful enough to get a TV show. During this show children would follow Mario on his adventures with friends. At the end of the show a live actor would teach you how to do a dance call the “Mario”. In this dance you swing your arms from side to side in a upward fashion while occasionally taking two steps. Done at a quick pace it will look like a march done during a Soviet military parde.

Let us focus on Mario's apperence. Other characters such as Sonic the Hedgehog who was quick on his feet for all events and Link from Legend of Zelda who worked puzzles to save an entire kingdom from a hated tyrant were role models for children. Mario was one as well. So, why would they make slightly chubby with facial hair and a big nose and outrageous suspenders. These features sound familiar historically as Joseph Stalin. Another connection is the Super part. Another hero with super is Superman also known as the Man of Steel. Stalin liked to call him self the man of steel.

There is all he information. You decide for yourself.

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leifericson said...
on Oct. 3 2012 at 11:22 am
that's good but, your way over paranoid

on Jan. 18 2012 at 6:11 pm
releaseyourmagic96, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
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I am sorry but I think your article is a little far fetched. I highly doubt that Mario is communist scheme. It is just a fun game to play on a rainy day. Your arguments seem more of paranoia than signs of communism.


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