The Misconceptions of Family Guy

December 14, 2011
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The show Family Guy is one of the best rated shows on TV due to the writers humorous and creative ideas that have been brought to life over 10 seasons. However, the shows internal messages are not always positive. In the show, the male lead, Peter, is always drinking, breaking the law, and disrespecting women. The families pet, Brian, uses marajuana and is an alcoholic. The female leads in the show are Lois and Meg. Lois is always telling Peter to do something and his common response is “can you bring me a beer?” or “how much does it cost?” As for Meg, she is the typical high school outcast, she is very unattractive, and she does not have any friends and she is occasionally hit on by, Neal, a nerdy student who's parents run a pharmacy.

Over the years, the show has done a lot to provoke the use of illegal substances. In one episode, Brian was pulled over by a police officer, who had suspected that Brian had marajuana, and he was sent to jail. After he was released he felt that it was unfair, so he took the families baby, Stewie, to the park and they ended up singing a three minute song about legalizing the use of marajuana, so the mayor, Adam West, legalizes marajuana, and the entire town was high. Since the entire town was high crime went down and everything seemed perfect. If a young child were to see this clip they could come to the conclusion that using marajana is ok since the show made it seem that way. In actuality, marajuana is not good like the show made it seem, it can actually tare a family apart and I have seen it happen, my next door neighbor used to smoke marajuana and when his parents found they started to fight and they eventually got divorced. When his parents were in court they could not control the fighting so when it came to custody his parents were denied custody, so he has to live with his grandparents until he is 18.

Another substance that is shown a lot in Family Guy is alcohol. When Peter and his friends, Joe, Quagmire, and Cleveland, drink they do all sorts of things, and disrespecting women is one thing they do a lot. Quagmire will often take advantage of and sleep with a lot of lose women. In one episode one of Quagmires women rejected him and she ran outside and Quagmire yelled some hurtful things at her and she eventually went back inside his house. Peter will often sit on the couch and watch the Pats game and ask Lois for beers and when she talks to him he doesn't listen. After watching clips like that on Family Guy a young child could get the idea that it is ok to not listen to women, and they women will just take verbal abuse making them the weaker sex. However none of that is true, children should grow up knowing than men and women have the same amount of power. One example that really stood out to me was when Peter was fired for sexual harassment, he was telling sexual jokes and a female co-worker approached him and he told her the joke, which I do not wish to repeat, when she told Mr. Weed, Peters boss, he quickly fired Peter. When I first saw this clip I was only nine or ten, and at the time it seemed fine, but now that I am older I realized that when I saw that I made those jokes like Peter, which made me one of societies villains. Those jokes can make women feel uncomfortable in everyday life, which is not good.

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