Beliebers: True Justin Bieber Fans

December 8, 2011
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Once your fans have a name, you know you’ve made it in the music industry. Justin Bieber gained fans quick, with his good looks and catchy songs. Justin’s fans are hard core fans who will do anything and everything to get a glimpse of him. Beliebers have stayed with Justin from the very beginning, when he was just a little kid from Stratford, Canada singing in his bathroom. Although, some say Justin Bieber’s fans are too dangerous. They come in gigantic groups of screaming boys and girls of all ages. Showing up at every place he has ever been too. Calling radio stations twenty- four seven to check and see if he is there. Justin calls them, dedicated. Thats exactly what they are. Beliebers are the most dedicated fans around these days. When Justin was falsely accused of being a baby’s father, Justin’s fans did not leave his side, even better, he kept gaining fans by the day. Now, with 15,226,583 fans, just on twitter, Justin Bieber continues to soar. Justin Bieber and Beliebers are a family. They help each other, cheer each other up when they’re having a bad day, and make sure to spread the Bieber Fever everywhere they go. “My fans are like my glasses, yeah, without them i’d be blurry.” ?

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