Young Youtube/Twitter Artist On the Rise To Fame

November 26, 2011
Today many unsigned artist use social media and YouTube as a platform for their talent. This Artist goes by the name of JDrew. He is a very talented rapper from California. He has done many covers to songs like Castle Walls by T.I, My Last by Big Sean ft. Chris Brown, and I need a doctor by Eminem ft. Dr.dre. He also has songs that he has written himself. The J in JDrew stands for his real name which is Jream, Meaning that his full name would be Jream Andrew Vales. His younger sister is none other than Jasmine Villegas who is also rising to fame. Jasmine as well as Jream has a lot of talent that sadly hasn’t been noticed yet. At age 20 he has released two mix tapes, His first mix tape “Casting Call” reached 125,175 downloads but his success didn’t stop there his second mix tape “Call Back” reached 104,131 downloads in just weeks after the release. He is currently working on another mix tape called "Directors Call presents Class Act” that is planned to drop on January 3rd 2012. Jasmine V is featured on some tracks in Casting Call and this Sony Epic recording artist’s newest hit single Just a Friend was remixed by Her Brother JDrew this song has been a trending topic on twitter for over a week. When Casting Call Hit over 100,000 downloads he tweeted “I can’t even begin to express how I’m feeling right now”. Both his mix tapes are available for download via Limelinx. Many people already doubt him and claim that he’ll go nowhere but as he says “I aspire to inspire. #MrKeepItMovin “and like the lyrics of his song “For The Books” he says “I’ma be on the big screen playing on the radio doing meet and greets I’ma be the man the one that’s killing everything but just cus it ain’t happen yet that ain’t ever stopping me” he has goals for himself and he has a fan base that are known as Jreamers who will follow him to the end because as many of them say the amount of talent that JDrew has will not go un-noticed! This artist is one of the few young talents Verified on twitter follow him @JDrewMusic he has 31,571 followers on twitter. Check out his YouTube channel JDrew is the proud C.E.O and founder of what he likes to call Team Ego. The point here is whether you know who he is by now or not he’s on the rise to fame along with the rest of Team Ego and his Jreamers by his side to the end.
Also Follow @DJkaos89 on twitter who happens to be JDrews Right Hand , DJ & also his Manager.

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