The Not-So Glamorous Life of a Celebrity

November 3, 2011
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Benjamin Franklin once said “Money has never made men happy, nor will it, there is nothing in its nature to produce happiness.” Many people do not take heed to this statement. They strive to live the “extraordinary” life of a wealthy celebrity. However, celebrities have more problems that our country did in the era of the Great Depression. The life of a celebrity is not the paradise everyone desires because the wealthy are abused, tempted, and immoral.

Because the wealthy are abused, the life of celebrity is not desirable. Every time you turn around now-a-days, celebrities are being scrutinized and made fun of. For instance, every weekend Saturday Night Live airs a show, taking shots at every celebrity and wealthy person out there. TMZ is just as bad of a show; in fact, they tear apart every little action a wealthy celebrity makes, no matter what it is. And let’s not forget about the paparazzi. They are constantly taking pictures and scrutinizing people, leaving everyone they harass with little to no privacy. All of these different factors represent the abusive relationship between the media and the wealthy and famous.
Because celebrities are constantly tempted, their lives are not desirable. Celebrities do not have it easy. They have so many temptations, it’s ridiculous. First off, they are always being tempted by money; they are always offered money to advertise products, companies, and other items. These large amounts of money can lead these people to make very rash decisions at times, thinking about money first and the consequences later. Another temptation is drugs. Wealthy and famous public figures have a much better access to drugs than the rest of us. This easy access tempts them in more than one way. One, celebrities are more likely to physically use drugs. Two, they are also more likely to take drugs and sell them. Both these activities are highly dangerous and very illegal, not to mention stupid, an undesirable life for anyone. Lastly, celebrities are tempted by weapons. Often times famous figures are arrested for illegal possession of weapons. Because they have such a great amount of wealth, they can easily purchase weapons, whether it is legally or illegally. Weapons are just trouble, yet celebrities are drawn to it. It is clear that celebrities are constantly tempted by several things, which is not the life one would want to live.
A celebrity’s life is not desirable because he/she is very immoral. Many celebrities have no moral values whatsoever. For one, they are super greedy. Whether it is a famous athlete or a pop singer, they are always looking to get a bigger paycheck. They can also be extremely adulterous. This is especially true with male celebs, who seem to always be cheating on their girlfriends and spouses. Finally, they are irresponsible. Many times the news will air stories about the latest public figures who hopped into their cars drunk. Most celebrities are a mess when it comes to morals.
Clearly, no one should desire to live like a celebrity. Their riches obviously cannot give them happy lives, just like Benjamin Franklin stated. That glamorous life really isn’t so glamorous at all.

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Lolamcmanus said...
Jan. 20, 2016 at 5:16 pm
So beautiful, I loved, it made me tear up in class ❤️❤️
Angela said...
Oct. 2, 2013 at 9:29 pm
I don't agree with a lot of this. 
sammy02 said...
Mar. 24, 2013 at 5:49 pm
Celebrities have a choice in anything they do as it goes with anyone. They don't have to stick their faces in cameras. It is a choice. Celebrities are greedy and unintelligent people. They do not know what hard work is. They want things handed to them. They act on screen to cover their own psychological problems such as their insecurities and seeking attention. They use their energy for themselves and not to aid others. Yes, and there is the money. They think they ha... (more »)
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