Frank the fish

October 19, 2011
By Anonymous

Hello, my name is Frank and I am a fish. I am black, white, and yellow. I have purple eyes and live in a tank with other fish. In my tank there is coraly reef stuff and little white rocks. Food falls from the sky and we have our own cleaning person. Everyday it’s the same; wake up, food falls from the sky, eat, swim around, go to the bathroom, ignore the faces in my window, and look awesome.
Today seemed different though no food fell from the sky. I was hungry so hungry, so I nibbled on the reef wondering if I just woke up later or something. No, I can’t be everyone else is up, so weres our food, and *BAM* it hit me and I fell to the little white rocks below. “Woops” I said, I had ran into the glass again but I knew what happened. The stupid faces took all the food, now that I know what happened I’ll get them.
So I took a nap because even fish needs beauty sleep. I woke up the next morning to find I was being hoisted above the water and put in an odd orb of swishy-ness and given to a face. The face shrieked and took the orb from the hand of another face and shook it ferociously. The other face told it to shop on account that it would kill me. I went home with the faces the whole time planning escape. Until we got to the their lair when I knew I could not escape.

The author's comments:
we were given a picture of a tank of fish in English and told to write a fun story to go along with it>

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