The Satire of an Insignificant Young Man

August 28, 2011
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Dear Editor,

From Pong to Modern Warfare these inventions called videogames have been causing nothing but harm to our community and those world-wide. These games distract us from honest work and study, both academic and religious. They make the people who play them lazy, and provoke sloth in their character and actions. These mindless toys also teach and even congratulate immoral actions and values. If I had the chance to gain the ability or power to remove the invention of these useless distractions from history, I would do so without hesitation.
In the past, before videogames emerged, a man would work to earn his living, then if he was not engaged in some form of study or socialization with his family or acquaintances, he would strengthen the mind. This could be accomplished in many ways, whether through debate or a mental game such as chess, the mind was challenged. The games our civilization now plays use strengthen little more than the muscles in one's thumb. Even the weight of imagination is lifted from the player's shoulders, as the images are so carefully constructed for them. These games do nothing more than distract from what would normally be a wholesome and respectful life.
Active lifestyles are dying, and you would be a fool to be unable to guess my reasoning by this point. The people who play these kinds of games are becoming inactive, and inattentive to the world around them. Sloth is a sin, and this knowledge is well-spread throughout Earth. Even so, videogames are making people careless, and they willfully ignore that which they have become. Videogamers are becoming neglectful of their responsibilities, and if this becomes accepted as a trait most people embrace, the world as we know it will stop turning. Without sufficient progress we cannot function as a society, and without able bodies and minds to perform this work, the progress we require will become null.
The immorality of modern videogames is passed only by that of the people who create them, and by those who play them. Games like "Saint's Row" are in every sense an abomination, supporting indecency of all kinds, and literally murdering those whose natures are not corrupt. It can be said that the makers of this game specifically are being purposely disrespectful to the Church by comparing their game to the likes of a saint. With situations like these appearing, the current attitude of clemency towards these people is baffling. These games spread nothing but intolerance and inhumanity, and the people who play them willingly allow this defilement of their own character.
It cannot be ignored, the affect which these bastardizations of once respectable games have become. If the transformation had been halted at birth, our culture and our world would be much improved. While the thought of erasing something from the past is equally as realistic as having every person who reads this send in a letter of appreciation, there seems to be no more viable solution. Little can force the people who already embrace video games to change their ways, but if nothing else, the ones who are yet uncorrupted will hopefully take this letter with some level of understanding.


An insignificant young man.

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pulsusego said...
Sept. 23, 2011 at 3:25 pm
And please, by all means, tear this apart. I'd like to hear the arguments against it.
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