July 23, 2011
By wedontshutup BRONZE, Jaipur, Other
wedontshutup BRONZE, Jaipur, Other
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Footsteps echoed of the floor as a figure clad in black, made his way towards the dark oak door’s. the door’s banged open, the shutter’s closed enveloping the room in darkness and the once loud class became silent and the only sound that was heard was the whipping of a cloak. A drawling voice commanded “Turn to page three ninety four”.

No one can stop the shiver’s running down their spine when the cold drawling voice leaves those pale, moveable lips. Nor can we. Severus Snape always had a special place in our hearts even though he wasn’t much of a positive character throughout the series he instantly drew people to him. The most complex character of harry potter, Severus Snape is a hero through and through. Ready to sacrifice his life for the son of the man he hated the most.

Lets be done with Sev being the hero, the martyr etc etc. lets talk about the most contradictory part of his death. The best potion master in the world dies of SNAKE POISON? Are you kidding us? The question is can’t he just whip up an anti-dote for the poison? If you don’t agree with us, then tell us where was his portrait at the end in Dumbledore’s office? Or what happened to his body? Burnt, cremated, still lying in the shrieking shack or is he of some where, living in a foreign country brewing potions and sneering at his godson Draco. Skeptical now? We thought so!

Now let’s ponder. If he’s still alive how his relationship with the Boy Who Lived To Annoy Him would be? Good, bad or love-hate drama. We think that it would have turned out something like this :
Sev fussing over Harry to complete his potions homework otherwise he would have to face embarrassment from students and professors for having a dumb son(We’ll come to that later) or Harry coming home with a snake and Sev not allowing it because of his bad experience with Nagini. Wouldn’t it have been a Home Sweet Home? We know it’s a lot to take in but hey with Harry in the picture anything is possible. Now let’s rewind and analyze how it all happened:

Lily loved Sev, Sev hated James. James loved lily but hated Sev who loved lily .Then Lily and Sev had a fight, Sev turned to the dark lord and Lily turned to James. Time passes Severus hates the dark masses now he wants to go break James potter’s glasses.

We speculate that Sev uses a glamour spell on his dark mark. Trying to lure Lily to the dark side hoping James would come try and save her but in the whole process Sev just ended up falling in love with her all over again who still had feelings for him and thus was the start of a beautiful relationship hidden away from the world. Lily knew the fact that Sev was the right hand man of the creep she was fighting against. Still she played long hoping to change Sev wayward ways but like every other Rom-tragedy Severus being the ‘so called’ bad boy left Lily in the arms of the normal guy James potter who didn’t have any dark mark & the poster boy for the right side.

After Lily see’s little harry for the first time she suddenly remembers a boy she met years ago, who taught her what being a witch was all about, now lost in the dark life of a death eater, so she hid the truth from everybody even the real father and the fake one too.
Now, imagine Harry without glasses, grow out some of that hair and you just might be surprised.

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on Sep. 9 2011 at 8:56 am
wedontshutup BRONZE, Jaipur, Other
1 article 11 photos 5 comments

on Sep. 9 2011 at 6:27 am
andromeda13 SILVER, Barrie, Other
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okay i kind of see your piont now,

on Sep. 9 2011 at 6:18 am
wedontshutup BRONZE, Jaipur, Other
1 article 11 photos 5 comments
Look, we never said he walked up to hogwarts and took the antidote himself....
Maybe some one got it for him...
He hid the fact that he was spy from Voldemort till the end, he could have predicted the worst cas e senarios and would have been prepared for it....
And people have survied slit thrrats, its not a problem that a small healing potion and a bottle of blood repleshning potion can't solve...

on Aug. 25 2011 at 8:48 pm
andromeda13 SILVER, Barrie, Other
8 articles 0 photos 174 comments
uumm, about the Severus being able too whip up a potion after the snake bight? he's a wizard not invincible. he got bitten on the neck, first of all and would have sufered major blood loss beofre he even got to his potions lab, (plus Voldomort slit his traot, wich no one really lives through) and second of all he was probably in shock from being attacked by a piosonis snake. he hardly would have been able to get up and walk up to Hogwarts with a slit throat and a snake bight. 


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