Lady Gaga- Style Icon or Style Killer?

May 18, 2011
By Roxanne29 BRONZE, St. Helier. Jersey. C.I, Other
Roxanne29 BRONZE, St. Helier. Jersey. C.I, Other
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"Never Regret... everything you regret, was something you wanted to do at the time, it makes you who you are today"

Lady Gaga- I cant say whether she is amazing or nit- that's a matter of opinion, but what do you think? Is she a real style-icon? or a style-killer? Is she confident or weird? Would you wear she wears, or even have the slightest bit of confidence to pull it off?

You git to give it to Gaga, shes nit afraid to be herself! He really is GAGA, but hey, at-least shes nit following crowds, being someone or something shes nit.. Shes nit promiting herself to be super-sexy or stick thin, she is just herself... nit like alit of ither celebs out there, making your teens, boys and girls, feel like they need to better themselves, be something different, when in fact they are perfectly fine they way they are.

Celebrity's promoting themselves as being rols models, but apart from the mere few who do, wheres the rest to reassure young teens that you dont have to be 100% perfect? And i think lady Gaga shows this in how confident and out going she comes across! So to all people who put her down maybe because of how she is, stop and think, at least shes not telling teens to slim-down, wear more make up, or "you need to be super thin and beautiful to be successful"... everyone is beautiful in their own way...

The author's comments:
Personal experince. I think young teens need some positive rold models, to show they dont just have to be how people think they should be, but they are they're own person. And should ebrace it.

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