Is It True Rock and Roll?

May 11, 2011
Electric Light Orchestra gave rock music a new sound in the late 1970s. Rock music had become very popular, so there was a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame made. Many great musicians have had the great honor to be inducted, such as Alice Cooper, AC/DC, The Beatles, Aerosmith and even Michael Jackson. Sadly, there is no record of ELO or anything with Jeff Lynne in the museum. This has been a controversy for a long time, and not just in Cleveland, Ohio, but all over the United States. I am joining that crowd. ELO should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because their music was great, everybody liked them, and their lyrics are everything good rock music needs.

ELO formed when Roy Wood (guitarist, vocalist and songwriter of “The Move”) had an idea to form a band that included violins, cellos, string basses, horns and woodwinds. He wanted it to give music a classical sound. He said that it would give music a new sound that “The Beatles left off.” Jeff Lynne had heard about this band, and decided to join.

“10358 Overture” was the band’s first hit single, and it hit number nine on the “UK singles chart” in 1972. Next was “Mr. Radio,” “Roll Over Beethoven,” and “Evil Woman.” But, one of their most successful songs was “Mr. Blue Sky,” which placed number eighty-seven on the “Australian ARIA Singles Chart”, number eleven on the “Dutch Top 40,” and number six on the “UK singles chart.”

Everybody liked ELO. An anonymous person says, “I think ELO had a good sound and a good beat. I think that has a different style of music, and that changed the rock generation. Nobody is like them. Period. And that’s a fact!”

Mike Kates says, “ELO offered fans something that was hugely successful in popular music without sacrificing quality, creativity, or musicianship. In my opinion, ELO is one of the most underrated bands of their era.”

As you can see, many people have great opinions about ELO, and we hope to get more in the future. The Rock Hall probably gets letters like this all the time.

Their lyrics might have been similar to all the other rock bands at the time, but ELO’s lyrics were amazing. Some songs (some call) are pointless, some are about love, and some are about themselves. “Strange Magic,” which talks about just soaring across the sky with your lover.

“Oh, I'm never gonna be the same again,
now I've seen the way it's got to end,
sweet dream, sweet dream.

Strange magic,
oh, what a strange magic,
oh, it's a strange magic.
Got a strange magic,
got a strange magic.

It's magic, it's magic, it's magic”

In conclusion, ELO has enough good facts and responses to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. As you, my reader, can see, many people appreciate this band, and we would love to see them (or if at all, just Jeff Lynne) get this great honor. We are pleased with their work.

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