Mind Your Own Business

April 18, 2011
By vweaver14 BRONZE, Lyman, South Carolina
vweaver14 BRONZE, Lyman, South Carolina
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Celebrities,are they friends, foes, family, heroes? Or really nothing at all. We have a yearning to know anything and everything going on in a celebrities life. Did we ever stop to think they want a private life? Yes, being a celebrity means you have to give up some of your privacy but to be followed and have their words and actions twisted. It's not fair. If you were having marital or relationships problems you wouldn't want it out there. If you were struggling with an addiction you wouldn't want people to know. The basic fact is we think highly of peoples opinions of ourselves if the opinions are bad we have a lowered self esteems. We all have a right to live a life where we CAN have a skeleton in the closet. But sadly, the way society runs, we normal people of the world keep our privacy and the stars have to give up more and more each day.

The author's comments:
The fact that celebrities cant have a real normal life is unfair.

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