David Archuleta - Rockin' to the Beat of His Own Piano

In David Archuleta’s most recent video blog, he talked about his band auditions, plans on getting more involved with them and his ambition to try and put on the best show possible for his fans. As interesting as it was listening to David discuss the beginning stages of building that foundation and his hope to learn more languages, the most intriguing part was the unexpected jam session David put on.

David commented that now that he was back home, he would be concentrating on writing more music. He announced that he was sitting by his piano, and started playing a catchy melody right on the spot. He continued on with his new sound for minutes while singing a few incomprehensible lyrics, letting the music flow right from his mind straight to his fingertips. When the music began, it was almost as if he completely forgot he was in the middle of making a video blog. As David sat there playing his new tune, he had a pensive look on his face, concentrating strictly on the music, and the pure joy he got from doing just that was obvious on his face.

For the first time, we were able to get a glimpse of David at work, letting us in on his attempt at trying to figure out "David". Watching him as he sat in the very spot where he sang "A Thousand Miles" a few years back, knowing that's where he came from and here he is now, writing and composing his own music as he tries to figure out the next step in his career. Watching him break out of his shell and take a risk with his own music as he let his shields down and played us his fresh music ideas. It was truly a raw and so inspirational moment as we witnessed David doing what he loves most.

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1FootFrontTheOther said...
Apr. 17, 2011 at 10:57 pm
Love this article! <3 Great job <3
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