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March 24, 2011
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Video Games are virtual everywhere on your phones, iPods, computers, TVs, and of course your video game system and provide hours of entertainment. Over the past couple of years video games have boomed because of the technology that allows the player to feel like they are apart of the game like the WII that is created by the Nintendo and the Kinect by Microsoft. These devices allow the player to use there movements to affect how the game is played. Video games have allowed people to exercise within there house without having to leave your house and having to spend hundreds of dollars a year just to join a gym. Video games have now allowed you to test your skills online against opponents across the world in all sorts of games and of course have allowed you to interact with your friends while at home. These advancements in technology have made playing games more fun and addicting but have caused trouble in the media because of the suspected problems games cause for people especially younger age groups.

Over the years violent video games are believed to cause the violence of kids and violent video games should be thrown off the shelves. Video games are believed to be linked to school shootings and murders across the country and other types of violence in our society. I as a video game player don’t believe that violent video games are linked to violence in our society. I believe that those murders or violent activities are link to who the person is and are not caused by video games. Recently there has been a study that came out those violent video games in fact help with math skills like problem solving. Also I believe that a lot of strategy is conducted while playing a game. A lot of quick maneuvers and quick decisions have to be made while playing games so you don’t get defeat. I think this applies to the classroom and in real life because you are always making quick decisions so you accomplish your task. I think that the media is uses video games for an excuse for violence in schools and in the public. Also I think they use it for a way to get video games off the market. If you look back 30 years ago before video games, there was still violence in the public and in schools. What I really think video games do for the public is gives kids dreams to invent bigger and better things for this world. It gives kids dreams to succeed in there life and for them to reach there goals in the future and for them to have a life they dreamed of.

I don’t believe that video games affect our society, but I believe that video games help our society. It helps you mentally and help kids achieve goals in there life and getting a job of there dreams. I don’t think video games should be pulled off the market because video games should be looked at as spending hours of fun with your friends and families.

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