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January 26, 2011
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One of the most groundbreaking, in my opinion video games ever, Pong was created by Allan Alcorn in 1972. It was a smash hit and it brought new meaning to the word “game.” It wasn’t before long until people pumped out quarter after quarter to get the coveted high score on their favorite games at the local arcade.

The problem with video games though is their addictive quality. The effect television has on the human brain gets a boost from the game’s fun and addictiveness. Their addictive quality lies in their ability to suck players in. The popular use of asking players to either continue or to stop seems like a challenge and makes them want to play even more. I should know because I am a huge fan of games like Mario Kart and Wii Play. Video games elevate the television’s ability to drag players in and keep their attention.

But even having said that, from my point of view video games still can be fun and enjoyable in moderation. Like I said I am a huge fan of video games and I think that they are fun for everyone. Any way you argue video games themselves achieve their purpose, to let players have fun. The bad part is getting addicted. There has been a rise in awareness about video game addiction and I agree that they can be harmful to someone’s health if played excessively. But by taking regular breaks and getting outside for a while video games can be enjoyable to everyone.

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