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January 14, 2011
By jordanakajay1 SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
jordanakajay1 SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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It is Monday night and you have nothing to do. You turn on the television, and become overzealous with joy because your favorite show is on. You begin to watch that show from start to finish. As time goes by, the television tries to coerce you into watching the next show, and you do. What you don’t know is, you are that fifty percent of America that does not think they watch too much television.

Ninety nine percent of America has at least one television. Kids spend 1500 hours watching television, while spending 900 hours in school per year. It is inundate to me, that sixty six percent of America has not one television, but three televisions or more in their household. It is fruitless to believe this is healthy for America. No wonder kids are becoming obese and phlegmatic, it is from television.

People may be garbled by the facts about Americans, and watching television, but the real problem here is violence. Just to corroborate new facts; an average child in elementary school views over 8,000 murders on television. When the student is 18, they have seen over 200,000 violent acts on TV. If parents were given these facts, their sanguine expression would be no more. Parents need to limit the amount of television they watch, as well as their children.

With comprehensive evidence such as; fast food is the number one advertisement on television, 20,000 TV commercials seen in a year by a single American, and over fifty percent of American children deciding to watch TV instead of spending time with their fathers is just sad. By finding something to do rather than watch television can change America. People can smell the poignant aroma of a rose, play soccer, or go for a run. As long as you get outside, and away from the television, you can help change America for the better.

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