Freaky Shows Should Go!

December 2, 2010
By Anonymous

Have you ever seen dead people? Have you ever seen big foot walk around the forest? The proof that people get, whatever proof means to them, about paranormal things, we all know is not true! And let’s forget the word, “proof.” I mean I would make up a story too if I got paid to do it. But the stories people make up or not only stupid, but can really mess people up! Or even start arguments on if big foot is real or not. Stupid shows start stupid things! And once when I was ten, I went to a friend’s house to spend the night but we both couldn’t sleep because earlier that day we watched the Haunting. So every little sound we heard freaked us both out! We were up all night! But I’m not talking about scary TV shows or movies. I’m talking about when someone talks to a camera and says it’s real! People make a fool and a lair of themselves on things like this and make a fool for believing them! Shows like that should go!

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LilSenwolf said...
on Dec. 9 2010 at 9:52 am
I dont think they should go. after all it was your choice to watch it. you want them to go others want them to stay i watch a few but not much. i dont have to watch them so i dont

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