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October 15, 2010
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Whenever you were younger you usually played with barbies, right? Well, lots of woman and young girls these days wish they'd look like barbie. Crazy, right? Yes. If you barbie were real, she'd be dead. Seriously, her waist would be to small to fit her kidney and other inner body parts-including the skeleton. She's too thin. Her hips would be way out of proportion and she'd be about 7 feet tall. Now do you still want to be Barbie? I know I don't.
Also, when you purchase magazines such a "seventeen" you see very thin woman with enlarged breasts. IT'S FAKE! They computerize these images in order to get your attention. It's not real, it's not right. Don't fall for the trap in trying to look like them!
Do to trying to be these celbrities and Barbie figures girls wll go to extremes such as bulemia nervosa(eating something then later puking it up) and also anerexia nervosa(starving yourself). These are diseases and are very deadly. They're not save and it takes over your body and your life. You hurt constintly due to no support from your body from being to thin. Your bones will begin to show and that is NOT hot!
So, please keep in mind, you are beautiful just the way you are and dont change your outerself just because you think it's right because it's not.

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its_just_me said...
Oct. 23, 2010 at 2:24 pm
I feel like I'm in health class again! Creepy . . . Lol:) I would never want to be "Barbie"! Yuck! <3 Kelcey(:
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