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OMG!!! I have no idea what to think about Miley Cyrus nowadays. I mean sure I'm a huge Miley fan and spent 3 or 4 years of my middle school years watching Hannah Montana, however, Miley is becoming too much for the public eye. Her new video "Who Owns My Heart?" struck a cord with parents around the world. I just saw the video and thought, "Wow! What is she doing?" I mean seriously, she's only 17 years of age and dancing like that. And the clothes? Please don't get me started. When little girls look at Miley and see what their "role model" is doing, how do you think they'd respond? I mean what do you say to the parents of 7 years olds about why Hannah Montana is parading around in black underwear and dancing inappropriatly? You can't say anything!

However, she IS seventeen years of age and IS growing up. But does that mean that she should act appropriatly and her age, even if it is a video? YES, it does! I love Miley and all, but she could act a little more wholesome in her videos. Sure she's almost 18, but she has to be careful. I mean it's okay to go out and where certain clothes, but she could have a least waited until she was out of the Disney spotlight before she turned into a mini Brittney Spears, you know what I mean?

Personally, I think her parents need to keep a tight leash on her, just for a little bit. They need to step in and tell their daughter how to act. She's now 18 YET, you know? If my parents saw that I was wearing what she was and dancing how she was dancing, my parents would blow their top! I'd be in so much trouble you have no idea.

Well,(sigh) I'm through with my ranting on Miley Cyrus. I just had to get that off my chest. Phew! Anyway, I still love Miley and wish her the best of luck with her career. I only wish that she take it slow and not be so fast to grow up. At least wait until Hannah Montana (the new and last season) is completely aired off Disney!

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