Harry Potter Is Better Than Twilight.

October 9, 2010
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Why Harry Potter is Better Than Twilight.

There are many, many reasons why I personally believe that Harry Potter is better then Twilight, and quite a few why you should too. There are five main categories in which we will elaborate on in this article. 1) Plot, 2) Characters 3) Writing Styles 4) Movies and most importantly, 5) Fandoms.
Firstly, plot. The Harry Potter plot is obviously superior to that of Twilight’s for many reasons. The first being that the Harry Potter plot was obviously very thoroughly thought out and planned very well. So much so that events that occurred in the very first book link to the climax of the seventh. For example, the fact that Harry was the only survivor of the attack that Voldemort had against his parents, and the in the seventh, finding out that Harry himself was the seventh Horcux. But, in the Twilight series, the plot seems rushed, and careless. There is a story in Twilight, but not much of a plot. There is a climax in each book, but it seems as though the event was thought of half way through writing each novel. Also, to add to the list, the built up, supposedly amazing ending to the fourth Twilight book, Breaking Dawn, is a huge disappointment, as it is defiantly an anti-climax.
Secondly, the characters. I cannot even begin to describe how I feel about Bella. She, being the main character should be an influential person for the readers. Although, we must acknowledge that Bella is a fictional character and all characters must have flaws. But, Bella, who is made out by Edward to be an amazing person, is the most clumsy, needy girl I have ever read about. Her personality alone sets back the women’s movement about fifty years! I guess this makes sense, though, as Edward is from a time where women couldn’t even vote! And just to add to the situation, Bella is a complete Mary Sue. For those of you who aren’t complete literature nerds, a Mary Sure is a character who is perfect, or is to portray the author. Signs of a Mary Sure include opinions or views that the character and the author share or appearance similarities. Also, Mary Sues tend to have a lot of awesome stuff happen to them, often to make the author feel like he or she also has an awesome or amazing life. So, it is obvious already that Bella is a Mary Sue. Stephanie Meyer admits that Bella is a lot like her and they even look the same! Not to mention that Bella has two amazing good-looking men chasing after her despite her extremely unattractive traits.
The Harry Potter characters, thankfully, are not as flawed as those in Twilight. The Harry Potter characters are all very deep and complex; they each have flaws and good qualities and each as a unique, individual way of behaving, speaking and making decisions. Take Harry, for example. Although he is very bright, brave and heroic, he is also quick to anger and anti social at some points. See, just because someone is a main character does not mean they must be perfect. Or the opposite of.

Moving on to the third reason why Harry Potter rains over Twilight, the writing style. Personally, I will not attest to being the best at grammar, which you can probably tell from this article, but even I, Mrs. “And in the shed, it was empty”, (yes I did say that) can catch Stephanie Meyer’s grammar errors. Yes, I know she says that she isn’t the best at grammar either, but if you are being published, you need some standard of writing. I have never found this with JK Rowling, she is an amazing writer.
Numero quarto. So, movies. Yes, Taylor Lautner is handsome. Yes, we love to see him take his shirt off. No, the sparkle effects were crap. That pretty much sums up the Twilight Saga movies but, the Harry Potter movies, though will never be able to capture the entire essence of the book, are great movies none the less. And even though the first few were made in years in advance to the first Twilight movie, they still used better special effects. Even Robert Pattinson agrees. (When watching the scene as Edward opens his shirt in the meadow, during commentary, on the movies special features, Rob comments, “I’m just a sweaty guy”) As you can see, Harry Potter, once again PWNS.
Now, for the fifth argument, which again, is not much of an argument but more of a statement, I will quote a blog entry that I found on Tumblr.
“Harry Potter fans get into intense debates on whether Snape is morally “good” whether Ginny was a well developed character, whether the plot was too convenient, whether the description of Uncle Vernon and Dudley as fat would offend young readers, whether the movies should cut certain parts of the book or not. They over analyze everything, scrutinize for little clues, and fell empathy for characters. They make YouTube parodies, Mean Girls memes, icons, mini-vids, blogs and songs. But talk about the Nazi Parallelism and the concept of choice and love just as easily. They are witty in every sense of the word. Twilight fans talk about whom Bella will marry, when Bella will have sex and who is the hottest. You tell me which fandom is better.”
I pretty much agree with this. The only thing I would like to add in closing is that, although I am strongly opinionated toward Harry Potter, doesn’t mean I think all Twilight fans are vapid tween girls. It also does not mean that I think all Harry Potter fans are amazing geniuses. Everyone deserves an opinion; we all don’t have to agree. But, if you have a different opinion then mine, please express it in the comments bellow. I would love to hear from you.
In closing, Harry Potter is better, in all meanings of the word. The end.

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I like Harry Potter. Is this not obvious.

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HCatSparkle said...
on Jun. 28 2016 at 9:25 pm
Don't say 'The End' That's what Twilight said! You're supposed to say 'And his scar hadn't pained him for the past 19 years. All was well'. Yes I quoted that entirely from memory. :3

on Aug. 30 2012 at 5:27 pm
Luckystar78 ELITE, London, Other
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Twilight stinks, to put it bluntly...and Harry Potter rules. Simple...(don't attack me crazy twilight fans - the truth hurts; though not as much as your screaming...)

on Jul. 11 2012 at 3:52 pm
Padfoot437 BRONZE, Mississauga, Other
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Okay this was AMAZING! I can't agree anymore! Potterheads for the win!

hitt_andrea said...
on May. 22 2012 at 9:54 am
Preach it! Speakin' the truth! (:


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