Celebrity Attention: It's Just Too Much!

June 14, 2010
By Anonymous

You’ve got the TV guide, Entertainment magazine and all those others with the latest news about the hottest stars. There’s gossip, and rumors written all over the cover. There are fights and feuds, break-ups and new couples. Must I say more? Everyone knows about this. When it comes down to it all, celebrities get too much attention.
I wonder what they feel like. Everyone gets into their business, and there’s nothing unheard in his or her life story. Flashing cameras stalking them everywhere, their right to privacy is consistently ignored. When the cameras loose them, people create even more drama by making up big lies and finding fake footage of others that resemble them. The drama doesn’t cease for the red carpet; it’s a tangled mess! Why does the world do this? Sure, the characters in the movies are fantastic, but does that give us the right to treat them like they’re not real, like they have no feelings? Celebrities aren’t fictional. It just might be a masquerade for them, because of how suffocated they feel in front of the world. People laugh at them and the absurd things they do, just like it won’t affect them at all. They’re so far away anyway, aren’t they? The world loves drama. The world has seen these people. It’s like saying, lets watch these people get into drama, and maybe get involved ourselves. It’s so very sad.
Everyone has special gifts. You can be good at athletics, helping people, technology, writing, interpreting, sketching, math... and the list goes on. There’s not one person that doesn’t have a unique gift. There are some things you can do that a celebrity can’t. It does take talent to act, dance or sing. But why do they get so much more attention? Aren’t we all unique? I’m sure the world honors celebrities nationally because everyone has seen them. If, for example, you’re good at piano, you get honored by the people you know, and not by the whole world, because the whole world hasn’t seen you. I feel though, as if the celebrities are looked up to too much. The world idolizes them; celebrities are put on a pedestal where they don‘t belong. They’re given trophies, posters are made out of them, billboards-all they get is glory. What ever happened to equality of mankind?
The effects of celebrity attention are deadly. We don’t know them personally. Why snoop into their lives? These are people just like you and me. They make mistakes because they’re not perfect. They get hurt the same way you do, and I do. They have gifts just like everyone else. Maybe it goes back to the golden rule. Treat celebrities they way you would want to be treated if you were in their position.

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