Miley Cyrus is Too Much for Disney.

May 29, 2010
By Anonymous

Hey guys! You know what’s up. Miley Cyrus: way to grown. Here is something you might not have known about her: so has a tattoo under her left breast that says "just breathe". What is wrong with her? No, what is wrong with her parents? This is just my opinion; she needs to get off of Disney Channel pronto. She has been given way too much freedom and her hot fire needs to be put out. Don’t take this the wrong way, I love Miley Cyrus, but she needs to be on a network like teen nick. NOT, a network for kids. First, the racy photos, then the pole dancing, later the nose ring, and now a tat? C’mon, Miley calm down! I have done some backstage snooping on Miley’s facebook, her real one. There is nothing I can say nor do but shake my head. Most of the Disney Channel stars we all know and love aren’t really good role models like we initially thought. I’m not saying they have to be clean cut, because I know I’m not. I’m just saying they need to be mindful of what they do because there are little kids who really look up to them. Right know Disney is letting us down. Like I said, that’s just my opinion.

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This article has 6 comments.

on Feb. 9 2011 at 11:10 am
Owee girl i feel u fo' reals !..!~ Miley Cyrus is getting to inappropiate she need to be OFF Disney Channel and on some Abc13 !..! She wearing innappropiate clothes and been in arrest && lil kids like 6 years olds admire her !..!~` smh !

on Feb. 9 2011 at 11:10 am
dued no  its not do u watch tv  she got the tat cuz of one of her frands some thin like tht not becuz of sum grandad?!

on Feb. 9 2011 at 11:09 am
dued no  its not do u watch tv  she got the tat cuz of one of her frands some thin like tht not becuz of sum grandad?!

on Feb. 9 2011 at 11:07 am
ik rite she is too disrespectful to lil kids she be takin some nasty fotos n pole dancin she should just get off the tv she will give us all a favor!

on Nov. 27 2010 at 3:47 pm
just givin my opinion i hate miley cyrus (always have always will) and i looovvee selena gomez in a few weeks me and my friend are going to destroy a miley cyrus poster with pencils XD

DonnaIM said...
on Jul. 13 2010 at 6:49 pm

The "Just Breathe" Tattoo she got because of her grandfather. She got it because he had a disease and he could barely breathe. She got it to remind herself to not take things forgranted


and Miley's one of the only BIG Disney star that's had these scandals(minus Vanessa Hudgens)


Look at Selena Gomez, she's always working to be a good role model.


Look at the Jonas Brothers. They've been around 5 years, and the worst thing they've done media-wise is break up with girls.


Just because Miley turned out to be a little rebellious, doesn't mean ALL Disney stars will.


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