Obsessed with Celebrities?

May 21, 2010
We don’t personally know Tiger Woods, so why is everyone all up in his business? Men all over the world have extra marital affairs. Why don’t cameras stalk them? We all know Lindsay Lohan is crazy… Why does the media, or anyone, care what she does?

Do we enjoy hearing all about people’s lives, just so we have something to talk about? PsychologyToday.com found that we feel comfort in other people’s business; especially people who we think are great. Since Tiger Woods is the best golfer, and was always put in a good image, when he was caught cheating, it was like he actually did this to us!
This, I thought could not be the only reason. Surely there has to be a reason that Americans read every day about these people we don’t even know. According to NorthStarNewsOnline.com, we are jealous of celebrities. We are so curious about these peoples’ lives we want to be in their shoes. They always look like they have everything-and who wouldn’t want that?!

It is also true that people who are alone tend to be more interested in tabloids and newspapers about famous people. Learning about their lives makes them feel less lonely. People like this really need some friends!

Our country should stop caring about celebrities and start to use their time more wisely!

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tdnarb said...
Jun. 2, 2010 at 10:45 pm
I agree!  I guess it makes people feel somehow important???  Or perhaps they just like drama...Anyways, I enjoyed it and keep writing!
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