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Here are the most recent drugs / alcohol / smoking articles:

Smoking in Large cities
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 Big cities are often crowded with people. In these cities, have you ever come across people smoking on the street? Or do you smoke yourselves? People smoking these days could be seen everywhere in big cities. Many people don’t... (more »)
Do Taking drugs is a showoff?
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Drugs this word means a substance taken for its narcotic effects, often illegal. I ask teenagers why there is a need for taking drugs. I don’t understand why they have so much craze for this disastrous thing. I sometimes think that do... (more »)
The Smoke Is Rising
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“Cigarettes are Killers that travel in packs” I think it is very important for us, humans, to stay up to trend.  To look ‘cool’, to show others that we are no longer primitive, to ‘show off’.... (more »)
Life on the High Road
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Taking the high road and having a little sense of humor as well as letting things roll off your back, can help you with living a full life.       Letting people mistreat and hurt you can cause emotional damage. My mom always... (more »)
Reasons to be Straight Edge
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For those who aren't already aware, being straight edge means no drinking, no drugs and no casual or meaningless sex. With how many states have legalized marijuana, and how sex is thrown around in the media so casually it's no wonder most... (more »)
Friends or Pride
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People in our generation have this cruel thought in their head that they need to make a choice between friends and keeping their sanity, their innocence, and mainly their pride. We feel that if we don't fit with certain people then we... (more »)
Smoking Is Still a Problem Amongst Young Teens
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Do you know that a great amount of high schools student  do some kind of drug. High school students mainly smoke marijuana. Smoking marijuana is still a problem amongst young teenagers. Close to a third of the teenagers you ever will talk... (more »)
Should the Drinking Age Be Lowered?
By , Reno, NV
The minimum legal drinking age should not be lowered to 18. Even at 21 the brain isn’t fully developed, so lowering the drinking age to 18 would be dangerous and medically irresponsible. There would be an increase in binge drinking due to... (more »)
Cannabis Creates Contingency
Cannabis Creates Contingency Many very well known people openly talk about using marijuana for use to relieve pain.  Morgan Freeman, a world renowned film director, actor, and narrator is a full supporter of the use of the drug from personal... (more »)
The Effectiveness of D.A.R.E
The effects of drugs and alcohol take away many things from a person's life. Some of the negative effects of drug and alcohol abuse may be their health, their family, and money.    Imagine being an innocent little girl... (more »)
Performance Enhancing Drugs
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Performance enhancing drugs have been a controversial topic since they were first created in the 1930’s by a group of scientists. Mayo clinic staff says that “Steroids were made primarily to treat hypogonadism, a condition in which... (more »)
Plugging Our Noses to the Ugly Truth
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What is inevitable, targets people of all ages, and present everywhere? Death, you say? Surprisingly, the answer to this riddle is second-hand smoking. Second-hand smoking does not receive, and has never received, the bad reputation it deserves.... (more »)
Marijuana legalization
By , oswego, IL
Marijuana is the dried leaves and female flowers of the hemp plant, smoked in cigarette form used as a narcotic or hallucinogen. Marijuana is inhaled to get you “high” originally started in Mexico but now is everywhere. It is used... (more »)
Driving Without an Excuse
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Every hour at least one person is killed from drunk driving. Do you still think you’re sober enough to put your keys in the ignition and drive after you are intoxicated? Maybe that statistic changed your perception, maybe it didn’t... (more »)
Bring America Down
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As we continue to grow as a society one thing stands in the way of our freedom and the ability to continue on as a beautiful and growing country.  Marijuana is halting our innovation and slowly rotting the brains of American youth, and I... (more »)
“Quit Smoking Cigarettes!”
My parents would never smoke cigarettes or do other drugs because they don’t wanna do bad things for us. They even told us not to smoke when we grow up because it’s very bad and addictive and they also told us not to be around... (more »)
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