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Here are the most recent drugs / alcohol / smoking articles:

My Opinion on High School
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This is my opinion on how high school is for kids who don't do drugs: The world we live in as teenagers all revolves around drugs and the “bad things” people are told not to do. You may disagree with me, and your entitled to your opinion.... (more »)
Banning Cigarette Smoking
By , Tompkinsville, KY
Almost every person in the United States has seen or experienced the act of smoking cigarettes. Everything about cigarette smoking can lead to serious problems towards the health and the mentality of a person. Approximately 440,000 Americans... (more »)
Oops, I Did It Again
By , Burleson, TX
In any good presentation, it is imperative to have a good setup. In a good setup, a good font is an important part. It could be the downfall of a essay if it has a silly font, like Comic Sans. Nobody would take anything seriously, even if the... (more »)
Why Students Need to rRad Anthem
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Dear Editor,      Anthem is about finding individualism upon yourself. Anthems benefits are actually very important for someone who is being forced to do something they don’t want to. Reading Anthem will teach... (more »)
Should Marijuana Be Legal?
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Marijuana is one of the most abused drugs in the world today. What first comes to everyone’s mind when talking in terms of Marijuana is its chaos and its negative effects it has on today’s world we are living. Marijuana is a drug... (more »)
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Think About it By Yourself
By , Chandler, AZ
Lifes great in a free independent country. But what is it like to live in a Communist country? What is it like to completely controlled by someone? What if there was no “I” but only “We”? What if there wasn’t... (more »)
Mayor of Lowell This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I really don't want to be mayor or be someone with that be of responsibility, I'm not good at taking care of stuff, I don't even know who is the mayor of lowell because I really don't care about being a mayor.  But I... (more »)
The Damage of Alcoholism
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Alcoholism is a disease, a mental illness and an affliction. These words match up just fine. But when is it okay to pair a word like addict or alcoholic to a person? Next to never, unless the alcoholic has come to terms with his or her own... (more »)
If I Were Mayor of My Town
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I've always dreamed about what it would be like to live in a beautiful home behind an all American white picket fence, alongside attentive  neighbors who cared about my wellbeing. However, dreams are just something that we do to fantasize, and... (more »)
If I Were Mayor of My Town... This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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If I were Mayor of my town, I would attempt to make a big difference, even if I do live in a small town. The area that I live in (Cape May County, NJ) has somewhat of a drug and drinking problem, students and teenagers are addicted to such drugs... (more »)
Legalization of Marijuana
By , Houston, TX
Cannabis known as Marijuana, is useful in many ways. In my opinion I for sure think Marijuana should be legalized in all states and countries. It’s a known fact that Cannabis is good for cancer patients, it’s been proven to... (more »)
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Doing drugs what are the consequences of doing them? Look at that because there lies the question that needs answered well there are a lot of consequences that will be paid by doing drugs the main consequence that people have paid is drug... (more »)
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Once again I walk into my counselor's office. This time its different. The first time I came to talk to Claire, I was sacred and unbelievably anxious. I didn't know what to expect with meeting this new person. All I thought was she... (more »)
Criminal Release
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Have you ever gotten let off easy from your parents for something that you thought they would never forgive you for? According to an article written by David Barrett he says, “340 people convicted of grievous bodily harm and eight rapists were... (more »)
Just One Opinion
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Today in 2017 so many people are dying of overdoses. It is kind of sickening. I do not understand why this takes place. I feel like it's a new ''trend'' for a lack of a better discription. It isn't even a good, or cool... (more »)
Brooklyn Schools Must Have Meetings for Teens...
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Many teens with alcoholic parents struggle each and every time they see their parents act different when they're drunk. This affects them mentally and emotionally. It also makes them feel lonely and devastated. Their parents drink... (more »)
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