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Here are the most recent drugs / alcohol / smoking articles:

What Can You Do?
By , ravenna , OH
In life we follow a road and this road is often referred to as our path. There are different turns and curves along this road and sometimes there are unexpected bumps and holes. All of our roads are different but what they all have in common is... (more »)
Legalization of Marijuana
By , Houston, TX
Cannabis known as Marijuana, is useful in many ways. In my opinion I for sure think Marijuana should be legalized in all states and countries. It’s a known fact that Cannabis is good for cancer patients, it’s been proven to... (more »)
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Doing drugs what are the consequences of doing them? Look at that because there lies the question that needs answered well there are a lot of consequences that will be paid by doing drugs the main consequence that people have paid is drug... (more »)
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Once again I walk into my counselor's office. This time its different. The first time I came to talk to Claire, I was sacred and unbelievably anxious. I didn't know what to expect with meeting this new person. All I thought was she... (more »)
Criminal Release
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Have you ever gotten let off easy from your parents for something that you thought they would never forgive you for? According to an article written by David Barrett he says, “340 people convicted of grievous bodily harm and eight rapists were... (more »)
Just One Opinion
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Today in 2017 so many people are dying of overdoses. It is kind of sickening. I do not understand why this takes place. I feel like it's a new ''trend'' for a lack of a better discription. It isn't even a good, or cool... (more »)
Brooklyn Schools Must Have Meetings for Teens...
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Many teens with alcoholic parents struggle each and every time they see their parents act different when they're drunk. This affects them mentally and emotionally. It also makes them feel lonely and devastated. Their parents drink... (more »)
Anti-Vaccine History
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First Encounter When I was 4 or 5, I received the first vaccine that I remember. As we walked into the office, the doctor warmly smiled and comforted me in a nice, calm voice, “it’ll be fine.” I had never seen any of... (more »)
Drugs and Alcohol
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How they affect the body What illegal drug is the biggest concern in our community? Why? JR: “In my opinion, heroin is the drug with the biggest concern  in our community. This is because it is easy to overdose, causing... (more »)
Teens These Days
By , Atascadero, CA
Teens These Days Teens, they are young adults just beginning their long search through life. Along the way, they may come to find something that interest them. It can be sports, hobbies and some even find comfort in drugs and alcohol. Some do... (more »)
Marijuana Is Bad
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Since the 2016 debate, one of the choices in MA for voting were to legalize marijuana. Lots of people said yes, well I am still in the middle. What I mean is that in my opinion, it was a bad decision, even though it helps for some sicknesses.... (more »)
Marijuana Legalization Is a Problem
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In the United States, 2012, 4.3 million people suffered from marijuana dependence or abuse. Imagine being an amazing child, having good grades, being a good athlete. But, one day your friends ask you to smoke, you know you’re not supposed... (more »)
Weed Legalization?
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Nearly 20 years of research have shown that weed can be beneficial in reducing pain and other symptoms associated with a variety of illnesses, including cancer and multiple sclerosis. Patient accounts of the relief they’ve experienced... (more »)
Legalize Weed
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Weed is a lot less dangerous than you think. Here’s why, According to scientist they have studied and found that over many many years not one person has ever died of smoking weed. They also found that when they are high, they are not... (more »)
Open Letter to Pharmaceutical Companies
By , Hoffman Estates, IL
Dear Pharmaceutical companies and their distributors, I find it hard to believe that you have the slightest idea of what goes into those orange and white pill bottles. I find it easy to believe that the more prescriptions you fill the higher... (more »)
Should Marijuana Be Legal?
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Legalizing Marijuana has been a very controversial topic for many years. It is the most frequently used illegal drug in the U.S. Nearly 69 million Americans over the age of 12 have admitted to trying marijuana at least once. The Center on... (more »)
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