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Here are the most recent drugs / alcohol / smoking articles:

Smoking and Drinking Age Laws in the United States
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 Alcohol and smoking have killed countless people and will still keep killing, unless we the people do something about it. The legal age allowed for someone to start smoking is 18 and the age allowed to drink alcohol is 21. Most people... (more »)
Halting the Human Wildfire
By , Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Society. When it comes to mind, one might think of school, businesses, work, people, etc., generally order and peace. Serene as it is, threats exists to those within society: some widespread, some dangerous, some containing both. Although there... (more »)
Would Legalizing Marijuana be Beneficial or...
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In recent news, there has been much debate on whether marijuana should be legalised or illegalised for medical or recreational use. In states such as Colorado and California, marijuana is already legalised for both uses, while in other states... (more »)
Minimum Legal Drinking Age
By , Miramar, FL
A controversial topic prominent in the United States is the minimum legal drinking age at 21 required in all 50 states. For a few years in the 1920's, alcohol was entirely outlawed. After being repealed, the opinion on what the MLDA... (more »)
Please Stop and Help
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I am making this to help people that have experienced things like my friend. I think this is wrong, this kind of act could lead to things that you might regret. What happen is my friend's mother (not with her father anymore) used to do drugs and... (more »)
Should Marijuana Be Legalized?
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Should marijuana really be legalized? People think it’s bad, but is it really all that bad? Scientists have produced a lot of cannabinoids, (related to THC the mind altering ingredient of marijuana) some of them can be extremely powerful... (more »)
Give Me the Knowledge
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Liability is one concept that should evoke emotion and action.  To be liable for your own actions is one step closer to wisdom, I believe.  Without liability is deceit, wrongdoing, and perpetual acts of negativity.  Cigarette... (more »)
Only Debts from Cigarettes
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Cigarettes are deadly to all types of people, from big or small, adult or infant. We think we we know all the facts, but there are still things the tobacco industry is hiding from us. They are hiding different chemicals in their products and... (more »)
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My name is Nathan K. and I am here to discuss an issue we should correct. Sadly, students nowadays are bringing weapons such as firearms, sharp objects, drugs, and alcohol. These are some of the reasons why we should have more check points in... (more »)
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Terrie Hall from North Carolina was only a high school student when she started smoking cigarettes. By the time she was twenty-five she was smoking about two packs a day and started feeling the effects of tobacco, something as little as a sore... (more »)
Smoking Is the Real Bully
By , Auburn, NY
One thing I really don't understand at all is smoking. I really don't understand how someone can pick up a cigarette knowing it's like a little piece of death rolled up. In today's world it is very well known what happens to your body and how... (more »)
Keep it to Yourself
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If you do drugs, smoke, and drink do not go sround school flounting it. No one really wants to hear you 'brag' about getting drunk at a pratty last weekend. Also teachers do not like having their class disrupted¬†by you telling a story about how... (more »)
A Cure Worse Than the Disease
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Our very Declaration of Independence states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,” yet ‘The American Dream’, so to speak, fails to uphold the promise of reality. America has done a... (more »)
Poverty, Dope, and the Pursuit of the Struggle
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 The thing about life being up in the air for eighteen years is that you end up pretty used to the chaos; so, when everything starts to settle down for the first time, you get restless, reckless, and you end up clutching onto the things... (more »)
My Mother's Addiction Has Changed My Life,...
By , Lone Tree, CO
As a child, I was clueless. I didn't do well in school, and I was always made fun of at school, yet didn't realize it. I truly don't know what I was thinking back then, and to prove it, I even threw an orange at this one kid on a... (more »)
Should Cannabis Be Legalized?
By , Marengo, IA
I do not support Cannabis being legalized and there are many reasons behind this opinion that I have. I don’t believe that people actually need it to help with medical conditions even though there are studies because there are studies... (more »)
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