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Here are the most recent drugs / alcohol / smoking articles:

Addicted to Addictions
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Life is like a treasure.  It can be priceless or worthless depending on your point of view or perspective.  It can be a fool's gold: beautiful on the outside, but empty on the inside.   It also can be a dazzling,... (more »)
Cancer Stick
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Cigarettes are one of the worst inventions created on earth. Smoking cigarettes can cause many cancers to your body or death. People who smoke cigarettes usually have poor hygiene.    I saw the first cigarette at my... (more »)
Keep it Clean, High Schoolers
Nowadays, it seems that all anyone wants to do is party it up and get high or drunk at college. Unfortunately, this this desire to have a good time has trickled down to high schools all around the United States, and surely the world. High... (more »)
Weeding Out the Blunt Truth: Why America Should...
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The legalization of marijuana for recreational use is not a new argument; however, in the past eight years, legalization has been one of the most discussed topics in media. Radical conservatives might contribute this increase in media attention... (more »)
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Smokers Shall Quit Smoking
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Adults always stop us from doing many different things, and tell us to follow what they ask us to do. They tell us to wash our hands before eating as bacteria on our hands might cause sickness. They tell us not to buy toys because they think... (more »)
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Stop the Killing
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To whom it may concern, Have you ever smelt that nasty smell? I’m talking about the smell of smoke. Not in the way of bonfires or burning your popcorn or other food. I’m talking about tobacco smoke. The smoke that is... (more »)
Substance Abuse
By , duluth, MN
Growing up I had learned at a very young age what “Marijuana” was and how people would abuse the use of it. Although people see it to be harmless, that statement is far from the truth. I've seen and have watched it tear... (more »)
New Take on an Old Drug
“I understood that our entire universe is contained in the mind and the spirit. We may choose not to find access to it, we may even deny its existence, but it is indeed there inside us, and there are chemicals that can catalyze its... (more »)
For the Patients!
Where do I begin? The state of Massachusetts is world renowned for their medical community but they have dropped the ball. The dropped ball is promising their patients one thing and going around and completely avoiding it, leaving them in pain.... (more »)
Smoking Can Only Take You Downwards
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Being a daughter of my dad was very hard at some point in my life. It wasn’t from being ashamed of being his daughter, but because of the choices he made. He was a smoker who was always addicted to it. Why do people who smoke feel the... (more »)
Take Back Your Freedom
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I saw an interesting ad the other day. It was a full-page ad for electronic cigarettes in Esquire. The ad itself was pretty simple. A ruffled up, macho guy in his thirties sat in a car. He held one of these electronic cigarettes with a blue... (more »)
No More Steriods
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This is to all you teenagers and adults out there. Did it ever come to your mind how professional athletes and your friends are always growing and improving their appearance? Well you should have the right to know that it’s because... (more »)
High Adventure Hippies
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Colorado is well known for the unique rock climbing opportunities boasted by the prestigious Rocky Mountains.  And more recently, the legalization of the narcotic informally known as weed.  This is a very bad decision.  Not... (more »)
The Deception of Alcohol
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If I were to walk down the street and ask five random people, “What’s your opinion on alcohol,” I guarantee at least three out of the five would admit that they think alcohol is marvelous. But, did you know that alcohol is a... (more »)
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A Mile High State
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On January 1st, Colorado became the first state to legalize marijuana for recreational use. It was anything but an intelligent decision. Sure— the decision may have turned a profit but is money really more important than our states reputation... (more »)
The Facts
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The use of tobacco is a very commonly used substance in America. Not just for teens but for the public in general. Different studies show different groups of people and percentages. But in the end our world is just increasing the tobacco use. One... (more »)
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