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Here are the most recent drugs / alcohol / smoking articles:

No More Steriods
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This is to all you teenagers and adults out there. Did it ever come to your mind how professional athletes and your friends are always growing and improving their appearance? Well you should have the right to know that it’s because... (more »)
High Adventure Hippies
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Colorado is well known for the unique rock climbing opportunities boasted by the prestigious Rocky Mountains.  And more recently, the legalization of the narcotic informally known as weed.  This is a very bad decision.  Not... (more »)
The Deception of Alcohol
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If I were to walk down the street and ask five random people, “What’s your opinion on alcohol,” I guarantee at least three out of the five would admit that they think alcohol is marvelous. But, did you know that alcohol is a... (more »)
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A Mile High State
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On January 1st, Colorado became the first state to legalize marijuana for recreational use. It was anything but an intelligent decision. Sure— the decision may have turned a profit but is money really more important than our states reputation... (more »)
The Facts
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The use of tobacco is a very commonly used substance in America. Not just for teens but for the public in general. Different studies show different groups of people and percentages. But in the end our world is just increasing the tobacco use. One... (more »)
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society society has effect in our generation drugs alcohol violence teens are more worried about what society has to say about them what they say about themselves we get caught up on all the social medias worried about who sayin what... (more »)
Smoking Parents?
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There are two main types of children who had smoker parents. The type that everyone knows, the ones who start smoking themselves because... well personally I don't know. I guess they like to follow what they see. And then there is the... (more »)
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Teens Doing Drugs
By , indianapolis, IN
Experimentation with drugs during, teen years is common. The issue is that teens use drugs for their own reasons like, using them for sports or using them at parties or for their personal use to relieve stress. Teenagers don’t see the link of... (more »)
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Lung Cancer
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Lung cancer is one of the leading cause of death in America today. On each pack of cigarettes that a consumer purchases, they will see a huge label in the front of the packet that states,“smoking kills,” and behind the packet it states,... (more »)
Rehab Revelations
By , lexington, NC
Addiction is a fatal thing because it disguises itself as your friend. The entire time you think you are doing what YOU want to do. Maybe you are but ultimately if you knew how damaging the drugs, the sex and the wild parties really were you would... (more »)
One last hit
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It takes me in. I pray it will never let me out. I take it in. Its like all the bad disappears. One more hit. I will never make it end. It will end when my life does. IT accepts me. It makes me feel like im golden. I have the feeling that can take... (more »)
Steroids “There are many things that you can take that are banned substances. I mean, there are things that have been removed from GNC today that would trigger a positive test. I’m not sure exactly what I used, but whatever I used, I feel... (more »)
Legalizing Marijuana
Brain Damage.Cancer.Death. If we don’t put a stop to Marijuana use all these things will continue to happen. “Smoking Marijuana can end up causing mental issues.” (About, Inc) Is that what we should be encouraging or society to do? The... (more »)
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What you don't about cigarettes
What you don’t know about cigarettes Take a second and think to yourself. Why are cigarettes legal in our society still to this day? The things that smoking can do to your body are awful and extreme. So extreme it can cause cancers and... (more »)
Drug Abuse
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I think people should not abuse drugs. If you abuse drugs, it will do damage to your body, both physically and mentally. It could also lead to addiction and waste all your money. You could hurt people you love and not even know it. If you want... (more »)
Lowering the Drinking Age
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Lowering the Drinking Age Legal drinking age- it’s been a problem since alcohol has been on shelves. But that’s because drinking can be dangerous, especially when done in excess. Consumption of alcohol impairs judgment, causing... (more »)
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