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Drug Use

April 25, 2018
By Anonymous

“What are drugs?”. Drugs are chemicals that affect your body and cause physiological effect when consuming them.  The Better Health Channel explains how different type of categories of drugs affect your whole body. From the least damaged  from the most damaging drugs. Depressants , Stimulants,  and Hallucinogens are the different types of drug types, Each one has its own effect.

Let’s start  with Depressants. This type of drugs slow down or “depress” your central nervous system”. Alcohol, Marijuana, opioids, Rohypnol etc. are some examples. This drugs make you feel relaxed and inhibited. They may cause a person to lose concentration of what they are doing. They also might feel loneliness ,and can make person hurt somebody or hurt themselves. They make you lose self-confidence on yourself. This drugs are consume by drinking or smoking harming your lungs. 

Stimulants speed up or simulate the central nervous system. They make you more alert of things because it increases your heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature. Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Estacy’s , Heroine and nicotine are some types of stimulants. They cause a person to feel anxiety , Seizures , stomach cramps and paranoia. This types of drugs are more delicate because of the way they are consumed. They can be inhaled by nose and may cause bleeding and infection. They also use it by injecting their arms, feet or neck that can lead to other transmitted diseases by people using the same needle. This types of drugs are highly addictive just with consuming them one time.

The most dangerous type of drug are Hallucinogens. They distort yourself from reality. You hear and see things that aren’t actually there , or see things in a distorted way. Effects from this drug are emotional or physiological euphoria, jaw clenching ,gastric upset and nausea. LSD ,PCP Magic Mushrooms and Cannabis are example of hallucinogens. Consuming this drugs may be very delicate for your body all the illusion can cause a person to commit suicide or another person’s death.

Think about it twice before putting in your body something that isn't useful. They have more disadvantages that advantages. If you think about yourself you can leave a longer life being healthy and self-confidence. Don’t lose yourself if drugs.

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