Drugs and Tide Pods

February 26, 2018
By DynastyOverlord BRONZE, Waverly, New York
DynastyOverlord BRONZE, Waverly, New York
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I have to say, people in this generation are stupid! I know it's not nice to say they are, but it's true. People need to be careful of their choices and not go with the flow and other stuff like that. People around the world are now eating Tide Pods! Why!? I know you people want to be famous, but what is the point when you are not alive to enjoy it. Try to be famous by being you and speak out your mind and heart! Not eat Tide Pods, smoke, drink, or do drugs!

      I know that these thing can be addicting, I know because my parents smoke tobacco cigarettes and had tried to quit many of times, but failed to do so because they had nobody to help and support their decision to quit. The only one who succeeded out of my family...that I know of was my biological father. Members of my family also do drugs and my Uncle had died from it.

       There is proof around the world that people can quit the addiction from these vial depressants and stimulants, all you have to do is take that step. You, as a person who is addicted, can quit as long as you are willing and determined to...and everyone out there will support you. You just have to give them a chance to help you. That first step is to recognize that you are addicted and grow a determination to do something about it! Your friends can help you! Your family can help you! Co-workers! Family friends! feminines! Anyone! They can all help you! They can all help you quit and become a better person, but you have to let them in!

         People need to know what they are doing is bad for themselves. Its bad for their cells. Bad for their health. Bad for their development. It's all bad. I know your probably thinking. Everything kills you these days! But having an addiction will kill you  A LOT more faster than you think. It could be your first time...and it can also be your last. That's how it can affect you. That's why people need to quit. I'm not saying this as a person who hates these things, I'm also saying this because I care.

The author's comments:

My family is pretty dumb for smoking and doing drugs...well my parents told me that some members of my family does drugs. I have taken Health twice and I was shocked on what people have done to themselves and I want people to notice what they are doing is wrong.

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