Mayor of Lowell

December 1, 2017
By Red101 BRONZE, Tyngsborough, Massachusetts
Red101 BRONZE, Tyngsborough, Massachusetts
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I really don't want to be mayor or be someone with that be of responsibility, I'm not good at taking care of stuff, I don't even know who is the mayor of lowell because I really don't care about being a mayor.  But I don't like how the downtown is filled of CRACKHEADS just asking for money so they can buy more drugs and get high.If I was mayor I would take all of the CRACKHEADS out of the streets because there are kids that walk that street EVERYDAY and there is no point OF asking money if there are so many jobs out there wanting people to work. Let's think about how many people are selling drugs in the streets,all of these drugs going around as if it was water.
We can put these crackheads into rehab and help then to stop using drugs and find them a job and have them start a new life and that they let go of all the drug they use.We give a new life and help them.WE need to make a new law that if we see people in the street,we can not give money,right now you give it if you want to but let's make one that you can not give them anything because so you can see that the are homeless and are not crackheads but there are some that fake it and sime that are crack heads and just keeping asking for money and keep using it on drugs.We also need to get rid of these drugs dealers some way, I know it's hard but we are gonna try out best to get rid of the drug dealers.

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