Legalization of Marijuana

October 17, 2017
By Anonymous

Cannabis known as Marijuana, is useful in many ways. In my opinion I for sure think Marijuana should be legalized in all states and countries.

It’s a known fact that Cannabis is good for cancer patients, it’s been proven to help subside some of cancer’s side effects. The government can profit over legalized Marijuana. Tobacco and alcohol are actually more harmful, and don’t have any known benefits like Marijuana does. Of course legalizing Marijuana will increase the use of it, but it’s extremely beneficial to certain people. Smoking it wouldn’t be the healthiest choice, but it has a good cause.
In California Cannabis is legalized for medicinal reasons, it’s considered a medicine of some sort. As a matter of fact, animal specialist use marijuana for animals, It’s actually used to dogs to stop and prevent seizures. Dr. Robin Downing a veterinarian and hospital director at the downing center for animal pain says medical Marijuana for animals is “good in theory”. Marijuana has also prove to relieve pain from AIDS and helps with depression.
Legalized Marijuana brings more economic rescues towards the government, tons of money is brought into the country due to Cannabis.Colorado brought more than $270 million in the first quarter of 2016. $5.5 billion from taxing Marijuana. Adding on, taxing Marijuana could produce considerable revenue. If someone buys Cannabis from you legally, you’ll make tons of money off of it. Expect more customers, everyone,s is going to want to get some, just due to the fact of it being legal.

It’s also a known that Cannabis is less harmful than tobacco and alcohol. These things can lead to increased use of them, it may become addictive. Of course I know Marijuana gets you high, but it makes others feel really upbeat. Making Marijuana can absolutely lower down crime rate, it’s a huge crime to have possession of Marijuana. If Cannabis becomes legal we would have one less crime to worry about, no one would have to stand in jail for something that's really not that serious. Not even that tobacco and alcohol carry dangerous products within them that should not be placed in the human body.

Marijuana without a doubt should stand legal everywhere. I remember watching Bernie Sanders says “In my view, the time is wrong overdue for us to remove the federal prohibition on Marijuana” when he was running for president. I’m 100% sure I support the legalization of Cannabis, the reason is because it’s medicine, people will live longer.

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