October 16, 2017
By jman18 BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
jman18 BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Doing drugs what are the consequences of doing them? Look at that because there lies the question that needs answered well there are a lot of consequences that will be paid by doing drugs the main consequence that people have paid is drug overdose death there is a huge amount of deaths in the past few years from drug overdose especially heroin and fentanyl the estimate of drug overdose deaths on heroin and fentanyl from 2016 to 2017 is over 84,000 drug overdose deaths from using heroin and fentanyl that is a big consequence and drug overdose deaths estimates keep getting higher and higher everyday heroin and fentanyl use that isn’t natural it is just plain out pathetic and huge consequence and people who use this drug they keep getting warned about using heroin but they don’t listen they just keep right on going and doing it and their either in prison or dead when you use drugs you end up facing the consequences why do they face the consequences because they don’t listen there is one phrase I always say you do the crime you do the time so if you do illegal drugs do yourself a favor and your body stop doing the drugs before you end up facing consequences you don’t want to go prison or end up dead from a drug overdose so for your sake and your family’s sake all those who do drugs quit now drugs is like committing suicide but it is a slow death if you keep on doing drugs quit and quit now for your health and family             

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