Criminal Release

September 18, 2017
By Manwithapassion BRONZE, Cave Creek , Arizona
Manwithapassion BRONZE, Cave Creek , Arizona
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Have you ever gotten let off easy from your parents for something that you thought they would never forgive you for? According to an article written by David Barrett he says, “340 people convicted of grievous bodily harm and eight rapists were handed community sentences - punishments which critics say amount to little more than a slap on the wrist. ” In 29 December 2016, there was a robbery that consisted of 400 million dollars and they were only punished with a year in prison. Doesn't that seem like the best kind of punishment they could ask for?

After reading an article it stated how their was a cop who caught a drug dealer but then he let him off the hook because he had his prescription pills. Kenneth Shotwell was 46 years old and was charged with bribery from a drug dealer. “ A former Dupont police officer was convicted this week of charges he accepted prescription painkillers in exchange for letting a reputed drug dealer off the hook during a traffic stop.” We need to come together as a country and enforce our laws on criminals. If we do not properly punish our criminals then our children will be brought into the world of drugs and violence.

The author's comments:

What inspired me to write about thish was just the fact that it would get me fired up everytime I would watch or reading something about it. 

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