Brooklyn Schools Must Have Meetings for Teens with Alcoholic Parents

June 12, 2017

Many teens with alcoholic parents struggle each and every time they see their parents act different when they're drunk. This affects them mentally and emotionally. It also makes them feel lonely and devastated. Their parents drink constantly and don't realize the pain it causes to their kids. Due to the parents’ acts, these teens often hide their issues and isolate themselves although you can tell when they're facing problems at home. Teens should not be facing problems with alcoholic parents or shouldn't be forced to deal with them alone. According to “Take care Bushwick and Williamsburg” about 1 in 10 adults in Brooklyn and Williamsburg engaged to binge drinking in the past month. In bushwick about 12% of adults engaged in drinking more than 5 drinks at an occasion in the past month. These teens need to find a way to speak to their parents about their drinking problem and not just stay quiet, letting it all happen and affect them. There should be a change for the better. For a teen that's just developing and starts witnessing changes at home, the teen usually begins to act differently too. Having an alcoholic parent can lead to another problem. It's hard dealing with alcoholic parents because only one conversation can lead to an argument and many misunderstandings which can also lead to hatred toward the parents.  Due to this stress, many teens can act different too and behave aggressive. There is nothing good about alcoholic parents, which is why teens should stand up and talk about it.

Teenagers are passing by many hardships with alcoholic parents. According “Alcoholic Anonymous” (familiesanonymous), it states that through communication teens can easily talk to their parents and let them know the negatively that alcohol has. Teens can share testimonies or just speak up once and for all to make a difference. One single teen might not make a difference but if all teens that are going through this gather up and create a team can really make an end to alcoholism. It won't be an easy process for parents to understand the consequences of constantly drinking but a professional adult can also be useful. A therapist or a special counselor can be helpful. Based on “ Brooklyn Intergroup” (brooklynintergroup), there are three rehabs and meetings around Brooklyn that can help alcoholic parents alleviate their state and their families. By simply calling or going up in person you can make an appointment. These reunions are confidential and mainly focused on helping parents control themselves for the best of their children.

Teens must work together to get the help they need and the best advice. A best way to help these teens is making a meeting and get all teens that suffer with alcoholic parents to meet up and actually sit down and just talk about what they go through at home. Probably if there was a meeting in our school after school we can get teens to show up and help them individually. Our school bushwick campus is a community school and can fit a group for teens with alcoholic parents. Meetings can be in the afternoon or even Saturdays in the morning. We can create bake sales to gain money and save up for a special therapist to join us and with the leftover money we can buy food for the incoming teens. According to Brooklyn intergroup of alcoholics anonymous,  they have many groups in Brooklyn that many people can attend to seek help in there drinking problem. This website helps you find a place that best fits you and your location. It's a way to get professional help. We are trying to create something similar to this but mainly for teens. We want the teens to seek help and learn their own way of getting through this struggle. With the help of a good therapists, some parents we can get far and help both teens and parents that suffer.

For these meetings to be more successful we need both teens and parents to reunite at some meetings and just talk about what's going on. What our main goal is to have teens speak up and let their minds free while letting out what's the problem. They need to get comfortable and not hide their problems. As a team we can make it far.

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