Teens These Days

June 4, 2017
By , Atascadero, CA

Teens These Days
Teens, they are young adults just beginning their long search through life. Along the way, they may come to find something that interest them. It can be sports, hobbies and some even find comfort in drugs and alcohol. Some do it because someone in their family does it, which influences them. Others do it because they think it’s “cool”, some just get caught up in it and can’t stop. However; their are those who choose to. Either because it’s become a habit or just a flat out necessary in order to escape or be. A solution to active drug use can be to have monthly drug tests performed. Also for people who use it to attend group therapy sessions to seek help. I would recommend getting a new hobby, sport or JOB. These will draw your attention away from drugs and alcohol, and focus you on what really matters most. The schools will be responsible for the drug tests, by having all students caught with drugs or alcohol attend a MANDATORY drug/alcohol session. Whether it's with a group or alone. If the schools do their part, the others do too! In order for users to stop, they will need healthy strong relationships with people of good influences. Healthy relationships=healthy lifestyle:). The best method to drug education is by spreading a big and positive message. We can do this by using everyday media! Including: books and magazines, newspaper, T.V., movies, video games, music, cell phones, internet. Things that people use everyday! This is already in progress; however, in my opinion... it’s not enough. There needs to be more and in deeper more relatable ways. I find that people are still having trouble relating to one another. If they could do this in a more compatible way, then people could form stronger and healthier bonds with one another. Helping each other stop the usage. Why I avoid drugs? How I avoid drugs? To be honest my parents have been my great support system. I was a curious boy, filled with a lot of questions. My parents steered me in the right direction, always showing me right from wrong all my life. If it wasn't for them i’d be lazy, have no manners and possibly be doing drugs! And now I can help others because I know I myself have the power and capability to stay clean, safe and health. I can teach others my ways and they can teacher each other. Also I have never been a reckless or indecent being. I guess it's because of my strong relationships.

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