March 9, 2017
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My name is Nathan K. and I am here to discuss an issue we should correct. Sadly, students nowadays are bringing weapons such as firearms, sharp objects, drugs, and alcohol. These are some of the reasons why we should have more check points in schools. Security guards should look an eye for people that make look suspicious and may be causing danger in the school or having drugs or alcohol and make sure they don’t have any non-violent or illegal items that could put everybody in danger and can harm our society. We need to prevent violence so we are not scared of stepping out of our house without having to worry about crimes. I think we should have security guards in every school, so that all students and staff are more protected from violence. 
Training school staff on how to proceed when there is a threat. There should be drills for students regarding school exits, how to get away and hide from gunman until help arrives. I personally think (us) as a country should learn and see these things more often because it's a serious matter we should consider. If we these steps, I believe more lives will be saved. We would make people understand how important it is to not do those types of things that can cause a huge effect on somebody that wants to live their life. This process is not just going to help kids but our whole wide world, and it could help others have a better life expectancy. For example: Our community does not have security guards, which I think it’s not safe for the school and the environment. Just because it’s a small community doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have somebody to protect us from danger. There has been a lot of incidents in this community such as drinking alcohol and drugs, and one of the ways I think we can fix this is by knowing the benefits and have somebody guide us through those unnecessary circumstances.

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