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Too Much Alcohol

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Many under aged people are drinking alcohol. Drinking is not for children. The age required to drink is 21 and over. Those most vulnerable to problem drinking are young adults between the ages of 18 and 29. So even if you are age appropriate it is still bad to drink.

People who drink when their bodies are still growing is worse than drinking when they’re is worse because their body and mind is still developing mentally and physically. Drinking damages the human brain. And liver, but a person would have to drink for a long period of time in order for this to happen. You wouldn’t want to take that risk. Alcohol interferes with communication between nerve cells and all other cells, and it affects various centers in the brain. As blood alcohol increases, people who drink might experience emotional responses lack of coordination, poor balance, slurred speech (syllables of common words are mixed together), dizziness, sleeping problems, or vomiting.

In many advertisements and pictures try to make people seem like it is ok to drink just because some advertisements have famous people drinking. Just because they do it doesn’t mean it’s okay or cool if you do it. You do not need drinking to make you cool. Drinking is the opposite of cool. The type of propaganda they are using is bandwagon.

I know people who gave into alcohol. They usually came home drunk and confused the next day because they couldn’t remember anything when they were drunk. I remember when my uncle went home drunk. He was slurring his words and he was confused. I and my siblings were laughing at first, but then he got annoying after a while. He kept on mumbling and got mad when we couldn’t understand what he was saying. He even wet the bed since he was drunk. The next day he apologized. When I looked into his eyes I could tell he was embarrassed. You won’t want to be like him.

I hope you know the consequences of drinking because it can lead to bad things, even death. Rethink you decision before you do something you will regret. In my opinion drinking is a shameful thing to do.

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