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Blame it on the Alcohol

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Lets put ourselves in the shoes of a drunkard and really think about how it feels to be high on life, when its mixed with the alchool of course. The feeling must be very, exhilarating as it gives you the faulse hope and courage of doing things you wouldnt normally do while you sober. Now I, myself, have never been drunk before believe it or not but I have seen enough of the younger generation get drunk in the most awkward of places. I've seen people get drunk in bars, homes, cars and in the middle of the streets. I've seen them fall over themselves more times than once. I've even seen heavy fights break out over something as small as who took the last shot. The thing is not all of us drink, some of us are a lot stronger than others and do not give into peer pressure when it comes to drinking but that actually gives you an advantage because you get to see and actually remember everything that happened on that crazy night out when you were with your friends. The best part is telling them what happened, what they did, what they didnt do and who they did it with. You being the sober one just get to sit back and enjoy the show, the reviews of that show well.....thats another story all together. The thing about alcohol is that it tends to have different effects on different personalities. Some become the exact opposite of who they really are. My boyfriend for instance, becomes loud and I mean loud enough to reveal certain things that you really dont want to be said out loud. Naturally he is a very shy and quiet person so you can imagine the effects a couple of beer cans can have on a person like him. My brother becomes extremly generous with his food when generally he is rather stingy and one of my friends becomes unexpectedly violent when usually she's a very kind and well natured young lady. However the rest of the younger generation have a similar reaction towards alcohol that being, saying things that would have probably never been said while they were sober. As the saying goes "drunk words are sober thoughts" now this time that actually came from somebody elses messed up but still intact mind. When these things occure the youth like to blame it on the alchool as it is quite certain to them that they would have never acted that way or said those things if they were sober. Wether or not thats true, you can see it for yourself. All you need to do is just avoid drinking on the next gathering, relax and watch what happens. I can guarantee that you will not only gain some hilarious memories for your later years to come but you can also plan ahead for the next time you dont want to watch your friends and the people you care about make absolute fools out of themselves. In the mean time, get a good hearty laugh out of the situation beacuse you'll never know when you going to get the chance to see something that insane happen again and to the adults of the world who claim to have never done anything wild before in your entire lives, think about it before you jump to conclusions and or get the wrong impression of some of the kids in your life who do drink and remember you were once kids too.

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