Easy Money

January 23, 2014
Scene 1
(Jacob and Ms.Simmons in the living room)

Jacob:Hey Ma, you need me to pick Keshia up from school today?

Ms.Simmons:No son, I’ll pick her up when I get off work...You know you should be focused on getting a job or even going to college, I just want the best for you

Jacob:Ma, I’ll get a job when i’m ready, I’ll go to college when i’m ready. For now I just need to focus on helping you and Keshia

Ms.Simmons:Boy, don’t you talk to me like that, im the parent not you. For the last time me and Keshia are fine, you just need to focus on yourself and what your going to do with your future (Silence) …(Yelling out) Keshia ! lets go its time for you to leave for school
(Keshia enters the living room)

Keshia:Alright ma, i'm ready (Turns to Jacob) Bye Jacob see you later

Jacob:Bye Keshia have a good day in school, bye ma have a good day at work love ya
(Both Keshia and Ms.Simmons)

Love you too
(Keshia and Ms.Simmons Leave)


Scene 2
(Jacob on the phone with James planing out how hes going to spend his day)

Jacob:Yo wasup James? What you plan on doing today?


James:Hey Jacob, I'm not sure man, I need to find a way to make some money, what about you?

Jacob:Same here, my mom on me about going to college or getting a job. But I don’t think thats for me

James:I feel you Jacob, hey listen. I know a way we can make some money but it ain’t exactly the way your mom may approve of

Jacob:(Silent) Um, what you mean?

James:You know Eric and all the boys down the block, I heard they need help selling drugs and they pay you good if you get the job done with no problems

Jacob:Man, i'm not sure if I should do this, I mean I don't wanna disappoint my mom but she needs some help paying the bills

James:Jacob look, You can make enough money to help your mom and have some left over, I mean like you can't go wrong

Jacob:(Thinking) Alright Man, meet me down the block I’ll be there in 10 mins

James:See you there

Scene 3
(Jacob meets James down the block and they go meet the drug dealers)

Jacob:Hey James, I’m here so how do we do this thing? I'm here for the money and thats all


James:I know Jacob, well the guys are up there lets go
(James and Jacob walk up the block and approach the drug dealers)

Eric:Hey look who it is James is here, wassup lil homie; Who this you brought over here with you?

James:Hey Eric, this is my friend Jacob he’s cool and trying to make some money to help out his mom

Eric:Jacob huh? Well Jacob you know what you’re about to get yourself into? This here ain’t no game the moneys nice but anything can go wrong at any minute and once you start you can't go back

Jacob:Yeah Eric, I know ; my mom needs help paying the bills and i’ll do whatever it takes to help her and my sister survive

Eric:Sounds like a dedicated man, Well fine listen here James and Jacob; there’s someone waiting for you on Grant street, you’ll notice them when you get there but watch out for the cops, they’re all over the place and I can't afford someone from my business getting caught, understand?
(Both James and Jacob) Yes

Scene 4
(James and Jacob arrive on Grant street waiting for the buyer to approach them)

Jacob:James, i'm not gonna lie man, i'm nervous about this ;I never did anything like this before and I don't wanna get into any trouble

James:Jacob relax it’s easy I did this once before, just act normal and it’ll be over before you know it and we’ll be getting payed

(Someone dressed as a buyer approaches James and Jacob but is really an undercover cop)

James:Look Jacob this must be him, act calm and lets get this over with

(James speaking to the cop pretending to be the drug buyer)

Buyer:Hey, you boys got the stuff I came here for?

James: As long as you got the money

Buyer:I got the money, just show me what I came here for

Jacob: I’m sorry James but I just don’t think I can do this anymore

James: Jacob,what do you mean?What are you doing?

(To buyer)

Jacob: Hey man, were just kids. We should’ve never been here in the first place, this was all a huge mistake

Buyer: I don’t care if your kids or not, I didn’t come all this way for no reason. Pass over the stuff before we have a problem

Jacob: Mr listen to me please. Me and my friend are just kids trying to make some money but this isn’t the right way. We’re sorry but we should’ve never came here in the first place


Buyer: So your telling me that you wanted to make money but all of a sudden you realize this isn’t the right way to do it?

Jacob: Yes,that’s exactly what I’m trying to say

James: Jacob what are you doing?

Jacob: Listen to me James, what were doing isn’t right and we need to find another way to make money because this is gonna end up getting us put in jail, or even worse 6 feet under

Buyer: Ok, listen here. I’ll let you boy’s go but I’m going to take the drugs in and bring you guys in for some questions, starting with where you guys even got them from

(Both James and Jacob)

Bring us in?

(The undercover cop shows James and Jacob his badge)

James: Wait, you're a cop?

Undercover Cop: Yeah I’m a cop, and your friend Jacob as telling you the right thing. You both made a stupid decision deciding to sell drugs to make money. Have you ever thought of getting a job? A job that can pay without putting you at the risk of being imprisoned or worse?

James: No, I never thought of it, but I’m sorry officer. I’m sorry Jacob. I should’ve never got you into this mess in the first place

Jacob: It’s fine man, let’s just never make a stupid mistake like this



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