Drug Testing at AHS

January 20, 2014
Arrowhead High School randomly drug tests students that participate in athletics year round. Some students do not believe in drug testing their students.

Arrowhead ‘randomly’ drug tests its athletes.

Anonymous Arrowhead High School senior, who is an athlete, is not in favor of drug testing.

Anonymous said, “I got tested my freshman and sophomore year, which was pointless because I wasn’t doing any drugs at that time.”

“I don’t see the benefits of drug testing. I mean I know plenty of people that smoke weed during their athletic season and the threat of drug testing doesn’t bother them. Personally, I would get rid of drug testing because it isn’t preventing it’s mostly hurting by taking athletes out of sports,” said Anonymous.

Anonymous said, “If students are getting drug tested I know the staff should as well. I know one that smokes weed for sure and I’m suspicious of several others. If the school is going to try to catch the students then they should be trying to catch the educators that help mold our minds.”

Another anonymous athlete said, “I think Arrowhead tests because it makes our school look better. But what it does to the athletes is cause paranoia. I think the tests are pointless and should be removed.”

Arrowheads policy 655.1 states, “The District’s commitment to maintain athletics and extra-curricular programs in a healthy, safe, and secure educational environment requires a clear policy and supportive programs relating to the detection and prevention of substance use. Therefor…random drug testing of student participants in athletics and extra-curricular activities at Arrowhead High School.”

Arrowhead believes athletics and extra-curricular activities are privileges. Arrowhead policy 655.1 states, “Participation in athletics and extra-curricular activities is a privilege. Students, by virtue of their voluntary decision to participate in these activities, and because of their position as school leaders and role models in the school community, have a heightened responsibility to be drug and alcohol free.”

Senior Sam Hanson said, “Arrowhead is looking at students and athlete’s best interest by setting these policies.”

Whether or not the athletes want to be tested, Arrowhead will continue testing for as long as policy 655.1 is still in existence.

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