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November 17, 2013
By Tomas123 BRONZE, Bogota, Other
Tomas123 BRONZE, Bogota, Other
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Marijuana should be legal in the United States because it would lower drug cartel’s income, would stop law enforcement’s racial biases and help make medical advances that could save thousands of lives.

First of all, if marijuana were legalized in the United States, it would mean that it could be easily obtained. This would fully take out of business drug cartels that depend on their overpriced marijuana to finance their crimes. It would also lower crime rates in countries that are affected by drug trafficking.

Secondly, marijuana prices would go down because there will be much more legal supply for the same demand. According to the UNODC 2010 survey, the U.S is the number one consumer for marijuana. If they legalize it, people will buy the legal one that will be cheaper rather than the illegal marijuana that will be more expensive.

Also, with marijuana legalized there could be infinite possibilities for medical advances. “Medical Marijuana” is now used for patients with chronic diseases to ease their pain. With some research and experimentation, scientists could use marijuana’s calmative qualities for good and maybe even take out its addictive parts.

If marijuana is legalized it would also decrease racism against minorities in the United States. The majority of drug-possession arrests are done to black or Hispanic people and these two minorities also are the ones more frequently searched without basis but their races. If marijuana was legalized this racism would go down and stop the abuses being committed to these minorities.

In addition, marijuana is not a dangerous drug. In fact, scientists say that alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana is. Marijuana is not poisonous to humans, and it is nearly impossible to have a marijuana overdose. It also is much less addictive than other legal substances such as tobacco or alcohol. It would also bring a huge relief to the population who uses it to relax or help with illnesses such as nausea.

Finally, even though I think that it has to be legalized and that marijuana will only have advantages, I also agree that there have to be restrictions and regulations. There should also be a legal age to purchase if it is legalized. It could be like alcohol at 21 years of age. By legalizing marijuana, it would decrease or eradicate teenager consumption. There should also be a quantity limit so that people don’t make a side-shop by buying large quantities of it. It should also be taxed greatly so that the government can keep regulating its use.

The legalization of marijuana would only bring advantages to the United States, happiness to the population, decrease racism, and bring endless possibilities for progress.

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Reasons why Marijuana should be legalized in the United States.

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