Drugs: A Slap of Reality

November 13, 2013
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Should drugs be legalized? A debate to answer this question has been going on for a while, but has not yet been resolved. The use or drugs, especially in minors, has become an important issue, which is damaging society. Governments have not yet reached a concise decision, but they know something has to be done.

The use of prescription drugs to het high by minors has strongly increased according to Keith A. King, professor at the university of Cincinnati who wrote an article published in the Journal of Primary Prevention. Not only do these minors use drugs like marijuana and cocaine, but some prescribed by doctors for medical reasons. A lot of new drugs have been created that are highly dangerous. Even though most of these drugs are illegal, people still find a way to get their hands on them. I still believe that whether or not they are illegal, they will be consumed.

Since drugs are illegal, they are having a high urge to be consumed, especially by teenagers. Most times, they want to upset their parents, or feel like they can do whatever they want to prove a point. Other people use them because of the feeling they give, and will do whatever they can just to get ahold of them, as they are dependent.

The use and trafficking of drugs has also become a big problem in many countries for its emotional effects. Wars begin, people go to jail, murders occur, etc. Governments try to control this, but the business of drugs is clearly out of their hands. For example in Colombia, due to Pablo Escobar’s relationship with drugs, people were killed and corruption took place. To help society, it is clear that these effects towards the world must come to an end.

After looking at many of the issues that come along with drugs, I believe they should be legalized. To me, the use of drugs isn’t okay because of all the damaging effects it causes in the human body, but either way, they will be consumed. Some of these effects include damaged organs, cancer, leading to death.
With drugs legalized, people wouldn’t make such a big deal about them, and less would consume them. On the other hand, this decision could be risky, for it could get worse. There should be restrictions and laws to the use of them, and a complete elimination of highly dangerous ones like heroin, amphetamines, barbiturates, street methadone, ketamine, and buprenorphine. Legalizing drugs would also make it easier for the government to concentrate on other things that could improve society. Lastly, the laws should be applied the same to every country so unnecessary problems aren’t created.

In conclusion, I think some drugs should be legal. I’m not okay with the use of drugs, but looking at the worldwide picture things already look pretty bad, as they are still consumed. Regardless, if governments decide to apply this law they need to apply some serious rules. They should make that business their own so they can handle it, giving part of their profits to people in the world who really need it.

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