November 8, 2013
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I started when I was just 10 years old,
Trying to fit in at school.
Me being conformed into society.
Dealing with all the pain, that family has caused,
And fall into the peer-pressure.
Trying to figure out, why I am here.
What did I do for this habit to start?
Wanting to know how I can be helped.
I walk along the streets in a broke down town, that isn’t cared
I look upon the stars and ask, why God? Why me?

I started and now I can’t stop?
The white flaky powder just lies there on the table.
The smell I sniff takes me into another world.
This is a part of me that I never wanted to be,
This is the path that chose me to be who I am today.
It may be a lifestyle that I can die from, but it’s the path that
helps me when no one else is around.
When my days are low, I seek to this drug, to help me through the day.

I want to change for the better, but I need help.
Help is what I try to seek out to, but at the end, I have no one.
I rely on myself when there's know one.
I rely on myself to live through all the pain that was caused from bullying.
I rely on my mistakes that I take.

I have confidence that there will be a light that will shine on my worst nights, to help me.
I have confidence that one day this addiction will stop.

I know in my heart that one day I will have the confidence and hope that I will get over this addiction.
This drug addiction will soon be over, and I will have the faith in me, that know one else will.

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Drug addictions said...
Nov. 16, 2013 at 6:48 am
Very educating post, saved your site for hopes to read more !!
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