Say NO to drugs

October 17, 2013
I choose not to smoke and not to be "cool" like some people think they are. Like two north poles push against each other on the magnetic field, my lips and a blunt repel, always. I love Hip Hop, the syntax, and the poetic lines; but I abhor Hip Hop drug's advertisement. Commercializing all sorts of fix to induce the youth's conscious to differentiate right from wrong. Don't be convinced by the "coolest" drugs are bad and they do not make you cool. It takes one puff to make you "cool," but you don't know how long it's gonna take you to get off the cool temperament. Some say it's just a trip but not anyone ever say if it's a round or just one trip. At the end of the day everyone makes their own choices, but the best choice is the one done while you're not under the influence of any kind of drugs.

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