Whats Happening to our Society

September 30, 2013
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Everyday I notice that hundreds of teens sadly are doing the wrong thing. I understand if they are going through depression and what not. But that still does not give them the right to do the wrong things in life. Doing drugs and drinking never helps. People think that by doing all that they are becoming what they want and its helping in them in life but, in reality they are just downgrading themselves to a lower level in life. On TV they show all of these celebrity rehabs and people doing drugs but if you notice they have many issues and it mostly starts at home. Parents around the world who let their kids do the wrong things need to OPEN THEIR EYES and pay attention that if they don't help their kids now.. nobody can help them in the future.
Everyday teens go to the hospital for drug or drinking related issues. Sadly some die of what they took. People think drugs is like a cure and it can help everything. Well NO. IT CANT. Its not an escape from reality its just another way of harming yourself. Everyday I see commercials on the TV for "stop drinking and driving" or " don't do drugs" then they go on to list all the reasons why. Do teens care? no. Now as people start to realize that we are the future then they will start helping those teens. But currently our society is just helping them.

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Charles777 said...
Aug. 17, 2016 at 3:33 am
I strongly agree with you Christie. Hope more youths will be inspired to do right things :)
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